Wednesday, April 26, 2023

A Little Stay on Whidbey Island

 Monday Morning found us on the ferry, crossing Puget Sound to Whidbey Island, where we have a family cabin.

With the pandemic behind us, we were able to indulge in coffee and cookies during our crossing. It felt good to treat ourselves. 

With the last of the rain behind us for a while, we looked forward to some mild weather and clearing skies.

We knew there was work to be done there, and other members of the family have already put in time rebuilding the bulkhead and repairing some storm damage. It will take a team of strong guys to get the dock back in the lagoon. That will come later.
Tulips are blooming in the front yard, most of them survived after the salt water flood. The weeds survived too, and that was going to be Tom's job since I am not ready to get down in the weeds yet. I felt bad about that.

He put in a lot of hours and got a lot done. 

It's looking a lot better. We replanted a few things and will wait now to see how much more we want to do to restore what we had. It's time for lower maintenance and a bit more help.

While Tom was working I did get out for  a walk on the dike.

The tide was low so there wasn't much action in the lagoon.
We heard that there were herons nesting in a stand of trees by the wetlands so I had to see what I could see. Yep, I spotted four, I think, like that big dark blob in the tree. We love our Great Blue Herons and it's wonderful to have a small rookery again. Now if the eagles will let them be. 

There were lots of bird songs and a few things are blooming: old apple trees,

Oregon Grape
My favorite Madrone tree.

A bonus of our stay on the island is that we got to spend time with son Jake, who now lives here in Whidbey. We had some good visits while having dinner together, one I cooked with mostly left overs from that roast chicken from Sunday, and one we ate out. 

We're winding down this afternoon. Tom has declared that he is done. We'll take our yard waste to the dump and visit the town of Langley for a bit. Later we'll pack up and go home. I have appointments the next two days. 


  1. I love Whidbey Island. Such a beautiful place.

  2. I had a recreation property and they are a lot of work. It's Ok when you can go out and relax ,but usually there's stuff to do. Tell Tom his place looks good after all the work.

  3. Tom sure worked hard and the flowerbeds look fine. All those gorgeous tulips. Spending time with Jake was a bonus.

  4. Nice that the plant survived after the flooding. Tom had a lot of work to do. Nic you could see jake . I hope your appointments go well.

  5. Wonderful that the plants survived the flooding. That is a lot of work - I can understand the need for some assistance.
    Good luck with your appointments.

  6. Sounds like a lot of work was done. Nice visits with Jake, too. Excellent!

  7. The gardens there look great, the tulips survived! It is fun to see blooms:)


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