Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Stormy Weather

 It's 47 degrees, the wind is blustery, and the squalls threaten, but so far only sprinkle on us as some other nearby area gets dumped on. 

I went out to grab a few quick photos for my post.

So much is emerging now. 
The sky gets dark, then light, then dark again.
A trillium clump in the back yard, under a big fir tree. I think they are happiest under trees. 

Almost in bloom. 

I needed to walk today, but outside seemed inhospitable, so we elected to go walk at the mall, where on a weekday, midmorning, the foot traffic is light. For the first time in many months, I walked more than a mile, 1.41 miles to be exact. It had also been a long time since we treated ourselves to a Starbucks, so we did.

Yep, that's what's left of my brownie. We were going to share one, but we somehow ended up with two, so, what the heck, we indulged. My late lunch will be a half of an apple now. 

Besides walking, I am now finally spending the whole night in my bed. After more than six weeks of nights in the recliner, I am so happy to be in my bed, getting better sleep, with only a few discomforts. Progress continues. 

Also, we are not sick. A bit of a mild sore throat yesterday sent me to get one of our home COVID tests. It was negative. I think we have escaped the dreaded plague we were exposed to. Our dear friend has some bad sinus, ear and eye symptoms but seems to not be in danger. She is being monitored by her medical team. So far so good. 


  1. So glad your healing is progressing nicely now! When I get the slightest twinge of sore throat, I take a big swig of the garlic infused honey that I always keep on the shelf. Just peal garlic cloves, cover with honey, and keep in a dark cupboard for when needed. So nice to see flowers and leaves emerging - more every day now in spite of the cold rain. We sure enjoy the sunbreaks when they come every hour or so even if they are short lived.

  2. Your trillium are so pretty! I'm hoping to see some soon show up in the woods around here. And congratulations on both being back in your own bed, and having walked well over a mile! Yay for you and your persistence!!

  3. Congratulations on walking almost a mile and a half!!! Great also to know you can finally sleep in your bed again. Things are definitely looking up.

  4. Glad you have escaped Covid so far! Your Forsythia is beautiful as are your Primroses and the Trillium too! Good for you have a long walk:)

  5. Your upbeat attitude helps in a good recovery.

  6. Everything looks so fresh and green, and the flowers are simply lovely. Well done on your walk!

  7. Hurray for progress and the beginning of Spring in your wonderful garden!

  8. Your garden is awakening, you already have some colours. I am glad your health improve and that you may at last sleep in your bed.
    The weather here goes from Spring to Winter and so on. Yesterday I could leave the door open and this morning we have frost!
    They can’t predict the weather. Two big whales died on our Normandy coast this week how crazy? Whales in Normandy !


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