Sunday, April 23, 2023

Tick-Tock, Weeds, and Not Weeds

We were very happy to get our mantel clock back yesterday. It has been in the clock shop since November, where it has been restored to working condition. After many years of working perfectly, it stopped one day. The repair was costly, but worth it because it is a family heirloom, belonging originally to Tom's grandparents. 

I cleared away the Easter decorations and Tom placed it back on the mantel just in time for it to chime 11:00. I am enjoying the tick-tock in a quiet house. 

We took a little walk in the neighborhood yesterday and stopped in a little park on our route to rest a bit on a bench. I chuckled at the lawn, being taken over by dandelions. I don't want them in my lawn, but they were so pretty, as the early dandy blooms are, and they are great pollinators for bees. Unfortunately it is still to cold here for bees,  

 The cold is certainly prolonging the anticipation of tulip blooms. That's better than a heat wave, though, that makes everything come and go too quickly.

Speaking of coming and going, we are taking a short trip to the Whidbey Island cabin to stay for a few days. My next post should have some different scenery.  


  1. The dandelion is getting much better press lately.

  2. Enjoy your trip to the island!

  3. Neat clock! Weeds can sometimes be very pretty in lawns.

  4. When I was a child, we used to eat dandelion salad I Spring. Have a nice stay.

  5. I rather like the dandys! Your Tulips will be in full blooms soon:)

  6. Hello Linda
    I am doing a big sale in my garden in June and will sell a lot of things. Before I used to have a little brocante that is why I have kept the things I have not sold. This is why I am going back to the thrift store to get more things to sell. We are going to a brocante on the 1rst of May. Have a nice day.


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