Saturday, April 15, 2023

Six Weeks

It has now been six weeks since my hip replacement surgery. My surgeon says the bone and metal parts look good, everything in place where it should be.

While the remains of the hematoma are mostly gone, there is still some pain in the muscles around the incision, where blood pooling stretched everything. Because of that, recovery has been delayed,

Two years ago, with my first hip, I was out walking within two weeks, and by six weeks I was doing at least a mile and an half or more. 

Two days ago we finally went over to the little neighborhood park for a "walk". The first day I did .41 of a mile, sad, but at least something. Yesterday I did .61 of a mile, but then my thigh started to hurt. I'll try to get back out again today, but will not overdo it. 

However, I was in the park! Dogs were playing in the dog park. The brush along the trail was greening up.

The native red current was in full bloom.

And over one end of the traio the cherry trees were in bloom.

By the second day the petals were starting to fall, forming the beginning of a pink carpet on the pathway. Such fleeting beauty. 

We were supposed to celebrate Irene's 18th birthday tomorrow, Sunday, but yesterday evening our 95 year old breakfast friend called to tell us she tested positive for COVID. We are in 5 day quarantine. Hopefully she will be OK, and we will not get sick. If we are well we'll celebrate with Jill and Irene on Wednesday. Since her birthday is really on Monday, the 17th, we'll just stretch out the pageant, hopefully.

But for now we are good. I have a garden blooming on my table. 

Those carnations just won't quit, and daffodils and tulips are now abundant in the grocery store.
While outside our tulips will soon be blooming.
Life has ups and downs, but we're good. 


  1. So sorry that your recovery isn't going as well as you thought it would. Sometimes it takes baby steps and patience to get to the finish line. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers. Your walk looks lovely, what a beauitful place you have to walk. I was in a grocery store today and looked for tulips but they were all sold out. Mine haven't started to bloom yet. Oh well, I will try to have patience! I hope your friend has a mild case of COVID and that you don't end up with it. Enjoy your weekend as best you can and hopefully you can have that birithday celebration next week. Take care of yourself.

  2. Sorry you were in contact with Covid. Hopefully nothing will come of it and also that your older friend will be okay.
    Your table top bouquets are so lovely. The tulips just need a day or two of sunshine!!

  3. Each replacement seems to be different. Each person has different results. Patience for healing is sometimes difficult.

  4. Hope you escape Covid. Your tulips are going to burst forth any day now!

  5. I can just imagine how well you will be in another six weeks! Better and better!

  6. Happy Birthday to Irene! I'm sure she won't mind having a birthday week.
    It may be slower than you like, but it seems you are healing. As you say, that is good. Thinking of your friend and hoping her case of Covid is mild, and you manage to avoid it.

  7. So glad to hear that, even if slower than the first hip, you are coming along. As an outside observer, that six weeks went fast. It's so different when you are counting the moments when you're whole again, Love the pretty pictures, Linda.

  8. Very nice cherry trees bloom. I hope you won’t get covid ! You are improving in your walk everyday and can visit the beautiful flowers of the park. I love your garden table! Garden inside! I wish you a nice week

  9. Those flowering trees are spectacular!!!

  10. Hello Linda
    The fields are rapeseed fields you are right and this year it is beautiful, bright yellow everywhere. Have a good day, hope you feel better.


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