Thursday, April 13, 2023

Busy Week

 On Monday, besides a little housecleaning, not much because we were tired, and getting the laundry done, because, well, it was Monday, I had a Physical Therapy appointment with a new therapist and got some new exercises. I can also now get back on my recumbent stationary bike, starting at 10 minutes a session. 

On Tuesday I tried out all of my new exercises and did my time on the bike. I also had an appointment in the city to see my orthopedic surgeon for my six week check in. X-rays show my hip looks good, the hematoma has reduced considerably, and the resulting pain from it should continue to diminish. I ask Dr Chen about my unsteadiness and a few other symptoms and he agreed I should pursue a neurological assessment. 

On Wednesday I went to a high school track meet! Oh, I was so happy to finally get to see Irene perform her flying over hurdles act.!

It was a beautiful day and the cold wind was at our backs, so, bundled up and sitting in the sun, we were very comfortable. I managed to get up and down the steps to get to the rail to take photos. 
Irene had stiff competition in the 100 M hurdles and came in third but was happy with her time.  

Coach Jill checked in. She had managed to turn a volunteer job into a paid coach position because they really needed more help. She coaches the sprinters and hurdlers and she's good at it. 
Irene came in first in her 300 m hurdles.

Over the last hurdle and off to victory. She also ran the 200m sprint.

Today, Thursday, we had nothing on the calendar and could take our time with a slow start. Tom has been outside limbing up the big cedar tree over our patio. We wanted more light for our plants, a better view of the garden, and more light in the house. 

I love the results. Now he has all of the limbs to deal with.
I, on the other hand, am enjoying a live of ease, sitting at my computer typing to you. Outside my window I see that the dogwood flowers are finally beginning to "bloom", or show their white bracts. 

And I have camellias in the garden to play with. 

I hope to go for an actual walk this afternoon. Life is good enough. 


  1. How beautiful - Irene flying over hurdles with her blond tresses following. So glad to "hear" how well you are progressing! Life is good, indeed.

  2. It's exciting to watch your kids or grand kids perform. good that you could get out.

  3. You got some great pictures of Irene in action!! Our sunny days are certainly appreciated when they come. Looks like a wet weekend ahead though.

  4. So glad to hear you were able to attend Irene's contest. She sure is doing well! And you seem to be coming along quite nicely, too!

  5. You took some nice pictures of Irene. Nice you could go and see her race. Glad you été feeling better.

  6. Glad you were able to get out to the track meet, and congratulations to Irene.
    Take care!

  7. Way to go Irene! Those Camillas are beautiful and you have the perfect containers for them!


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