Thursday, May 25, 2023

More Whidbey Wanderings

 After leaving Meerkerk Gardens and the lovely domesticated rhododendrons, we drove further up island to a county park devoted to wild, native rhododendrons, the Washington State flower.

This is also a rustic forest campground, a lovely place to park an RV for an overnight among the blooms scattered throughout the forest here where the conditions are just right for our native rhodies. 

Now it was lunch time and we found  a restaurant on Front Street in historic Coupeville, with a view of the Sound, for fish and chips.

Then we did a little strolling before driving on to find a coffee shop we have discovered on a previous trip.

The Sunshine Drip is a great little place that the locals seem to love. 

Now back to nature and a drive over to Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve. 

We used to love to climb the steps up to the bluff and walk along the trail up through the woods with views of the sound, but now I have to be content to sit down by the water and enjoy the bird song and the peacefulness of this historic place.
This prairie was the site of the first settlement on Whidbey Island. Isaac Ebey lead the settlement until he was killed by a party of Haida Indians who came from the north to seek revenge for the killing of one of their leaders by killing a white settlers' leader. It was not always so peaceful.

But on this day it was a lovely place to stop and be calm before heading back down island and back to the cabin.
And the wild roses were blooming. 


  1. So very beautiful! I love that area, and have walked there many times. It was lovely to visit it again with you. :-)

  2. That's sad about Isaac Ebbey. It was not an easy time... not that it's all that easy now. I'm happy to see you out and walking. That looks like such a lovely area.

  3. Another absolutely beautiful park to visit. We have wild roses here too; we call those Prairie rose.

  4. Magnificent area... so wonderful to enjoy.
    Many greetings to you and many thanks for your great photos.
    I was really happy about it.


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