Monday, May 15, 2023

Mothers Day 2023

Those pretty tulips in the header are all fried now. It got hot! 

I stewed a bit about where we would dine in the heat, with 90 degrees expected by our scheduled dinner time of 5:15, so I scoped things out the day before. That giant house next door served a purpose as the shadow fell on the upper lawn at just about the  right time, and with a light breeze blowing it was very comfortable. Tables were moved on to the lawn.

Earlier in the day, I had some time to relax when it was still sort of cool. I spent some time walking around the yard, doing a bit more yard decorating. 

I got the welcome flag up. 

I sat in my patio rocker and enjoyed this view. 
I appreciated the results of all the work we did last week, cleaning and planting and redoing pots and arranging pots.
I finished putting out the yard art. 

When the shade arrived down on the garden deck I sat there for a while under the just beginning to bloom wisteria. Jake gave me a little Buddha a few years ago and he sits in the bench table on the deck. I stroked his head and then did some deep relaxing to chase away an encroaching headache. It actually helped.  
In the afternoon we slow cooked the pork ribs in the oven and then when they came out I made the corn bread and baked it. It was about then that our family arrived. Jake had come earlier and sat on the patio in a rocker to read and then talk to his dad. Now SIL Jan, Jill, Isaac, and Irene were here too. They got a few jobs as we counted down to dinner time,  getting the ribs sauced and finished on the grill, then grilling the asparagus at the last minute. Jill brought a fruit salad and that completed the menu. 

We ate, in the shade.

We lingered and visited. The "staff" cleared and did the kitchen work. We moved back to the patio, now in the shade and had dessert: rhubarb cake with whipped cream and/or vanilla ice cream. 

Charlie/Mewdini came to the party. Irene put out cat food for him but he was more interested in what we were doing and eating. We are all cat people so he got lots of strokes as he rubbed legs all round the table when we were still in the lawn. He stuck around for dessert and got more strokes. He was still stretched out on the cool glass of "his" table when the guests all departed about 7:30.

It was a good Mothers Day. Today is another hot one. The laundry is getting done, my job, and Tom is swishing the bathrooms and doing some vacuuming. This afternoon will be down time. 

And we have left over ribs and cornbread for dinner!


  1. We also had Mother's Day at our house. Each year I grumble about having to work on that day - cleaning up and clearing away the accumulated piles of stuff and then prepping for the guests and food. And each year, during and after it is done, I am glad to have hosted another family gathering enjoyed by all. You are such a good natured natural at it.

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day meal and visit with your family. It sure is hot. My short Irises bloom and dry up in one day. (Your yard is looking great).

  3. Oh wow! This looks like a fabulous Mother's Day, Linda.
    By the way, can you tell me which blogger is in Ireland and saw the Book of Kells? I'd love to see what she saw.
    And your garden looks as amazing as ever.

  4. It is uncomfortably hot and so unusual for us at this time of the year. What does this mean for mid-August when we are getting this two months early?? Your place looks wonderful, and it looks like you had a great Mother's Day, my friend,

  5. Nice celebration for Mother's day. I can see that you're moving around to find the coolest place in your yard. 90 F is hot.

  6. Nice decorated garden, I love it! You had a nice Mother’s Day celebration, here it is in a few weeks. I hope you won’t have too much heat. Here today I think I can seat out with a blanket, the sun shines, but it is not very warm.

  7. That looks like a near perfect day for celebrating your motherhood -- family and good food. What's a little heat when all else falls into place!

  8. Despite the heat, I'd suggest your family had one of the loveliest settings to enjoy Mother's Day together.
    Lucky Mewdini, too.

  9. Beautiful gardens! Amazing how much they can cool us off when it gets too hot. I ended up swimming twice. Nice cool breeze this morning feels pretty good!

  10. Sounds like a great Mother's Day feast! Love it.


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