Saturday, May 27, 2023

Winding Down on Whidbey

 We have been back home since Thursday, but I have more to post.

Wednesday was a work day for for Tom and Jake. The low bulkhead wall that Tom and I installed in the front yard of the cabin when we landscaped it 18 years ago was deteriorating and needed to be replaced. It took some studying to engineer it over the septic tank, where they needed a post but concrete was just under the surface.

Tom got the new header in while Jake studied the situation.
I went for a short walk over to the beach, sat on a log, and watched eagles sunning on the tide flats.

Another trip to the lumber store for some long wood screws, and some scrap lumber we had at the cabin solved the problem.
Job done.
After lunch, Jake went for a walk on the beach and Tom and I took a shorter walk on the lagoon dike. The wild roses, which cover much of the dike, were in bloom.

There were birds and bunnies. 
Later we had good conversations with Jake and then the three of us went out to dinner at our favorite island Mexican place. 

Thursday Tom and I spent some time in Langley just strolling and enjoying the scenery and the flowers. We visited the family bench of course.

We had coffee in our now favorite Langley coffee place.

And then we stopped by Bayview Gardens, a  nursery we love just up the hill from our cabin.

The Viburnum Walk was in full, glorious bloom! Those of you who know something of English gardening and gardens might know of the famous Viburnum Walk of Rosemary Verey. This is a worthy imitation.

What a treat!

We strolled through the nursery, checking out plants and enjoying the color. We bought a couple of things, but mostly we enjoyed.

After a slow, quiet afternoon, we tidied up the cabin a bit, packed up, and were on our way home.  It was a good little vacation.


  1. So beautiful! I love the pretty wild roses and that viburnum is stunning! Thanks for letting me come along. :-)

  2. Recreational properties require a lot of maintenance. It looks very good at this time of year.

  3. Wow, Thanks for sharing that bit of beauty in the world. Started my day off with joy!

  4. I was stopped by the sunset photo, and then the nursery with it's Viburnum walk simply made me sit in awe. How lovely!

  5. Glorious! Is the yellow shower of blossoms related to wisteria?

  6. The viburnum is Glorious!!
    A beautiful walk...

  7. Oh my, I enjoyed it too. That virburnum is simply beautiful. You look great, and must be doing great. So good to see you.

  8. Viburnum? It looks so much like wisteria. Absolutely stunning! I'm so glad Jake was there to help Tom with all that work.


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