Friday, October 6, 2023

I Love Orange


The pumpkins at the grocery store make me happy.

The glass pumpkin on the end table glows orange when the sun coming in the window catches it. 
I decorated this week.

There are still a few flowers in the garden for my kitchen table bouquets. 

Tom and his twin sister Jan celebrated their 82nd birthdays this week. We all went out to dinner on Sunday and then on Wednesday, Oct 4th, his real birthday, Tom went to the Sounders soccer match with daughter Jill.

This photo was from an earlier game this summer when it was warmer, but it was a pleasant autumn evening and our team won! We are off to the playoffs. I watched from home.

Monday I had an MRI to see what we could see. The results are ambiguous, my term, but I sent a message to my spine/pain doc asking for an in person appointment. I have a phone appointment scheduled for next week. I don't think that's enough. Walking is getting harder and harder. 

Thankfully Tom is still in good shape, as long as he doesn't over do it. Today we went to breakfast and then grocery shopping and then he rested up so he could go back out this afternoon to work on the job he started yesterday, cleaning out this perennial bed. 

It's a beautiful bright blue sky day, slowly warming up until I see that it has reached 79 degrees at 4:00. Wow!
Tom's bonsai maple is going orange. The brugmansia has put on another set of blooms. 

There will be rain next week, but right now it's about perfect!


  1. Stunning new header. Good eye!

  2. Keep chasing those docs! Love your little bat hanging down. Linda in Kansas

  3. Orange is very nice! Hopefully you find relief from pain and good mobility again.

  4. I sure hope they can figure out out to help your body get well enough to allow you to walk as much as you want. I love your pictures and am glad you are feeling well enough to decorate! :-)

  5. I love Tom's Bonsai Maple. And Jill resembles Tom a lot. Same nose.

  6. All those pumpkins sure look like fall!

  7. Happy belated birthday to Tom and Jan!
    I'm sorry the walking is getting more difficult for you. I do hope the physician can provide some relief.
    The glass pumpkin glowing in the sun is simply gorgeous.

  8. Happy birthday to Tom and Jan! All your orange is just perfect for Fall:)

  9. So many pumpkins! I will try to get one tomorrow.
    Happy Birthday to Tom and his sister.
    I know what you mean by back pain and problems to walk, I am walking more and more slow and my legs feel stiff.


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