Monday, October 9, 2023

Taking it Slow

Some long lasting flowers for my powder room. 

Tom and I made hay while the sun was shining this weekend.

On Saturday we collected, washed, and got ready to store all of the glass flowers. 

They are now waiting on the work bench in the garage to be put away in the attic on a non-sunny day, which we have now. It will rain off and on for the next four days. Tom did all of the walking and collecting while I stood at the picnic table and washed.

In the evening Tom and Jill went to another Sounders Soccer match, while I watched at home.

On Sunday, another partly sunny day, we worked to do more yard winterizing. We edged the whole lawn, cleaned up debris, trimmed the ivy, and Tom got the lawn mowed.

We pushed ourselves to get done to the point that we are hurting today and moving slowly. Still, I got the laundry done and Tom cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed. I had to leave him to it for a while this morning while I went to an unplanned dental appointment. I broke a tooth Friday morning at breakfast, just eating an English muffin. It's a bad break but my dentist thinks the tooth can be saved, with a root canal, a post, and a crown. Then another tooth will need a crown too. 

Appointments are made, ten days out, but I will manage until then. Then we have to pay for it. I will have used up my dental insurance coverage half way through.

We did get our flu shots last week and have appointments for our COVID vaccinations in a little over a week. As with everywhere, there is a shortage of vaccines. 

We're happy for a rainy week ahead. We can slow down a little. 


  1. You are two very hard workers to get that much fall work done. Most of my fall work is done. Anything left doesn't have t be done.

  2. Your yard is so lovely. I love your flowers. Sorry about your tooth.

  3. The gardens look wonderful. So sorry about your tooth.

  4. Sorry to hear about your tooth problem. I do hope it doesn't cost too awfully much! You were certainly active and worked hard this past week. Now it's time to rest and recover. :-)

  5. All that hard work pays off in that beautiful garden yard. The bath bouquet is lovely.
    I don't really mind gong tot he dentist but I would much rather be working in a garden! Good luck with the repairs.

  6. Oh my. It seemed all was going so wonderfully well - and then your tooth cracked! Dental issues are a real pain. I dread going to the dentist. He is great but I don't like the processes needed to fix my old teeth.

  7. Your glass flowers are so pretty! I leave mine out year round. However mine could use a good wash! You guys better have a day off !

  8. It's a lot of work, putting the garden to bed.

  9. Those glass ornaments are so beautiful. You and Tom do a lot of work, even though you're both retired.

  10. I love all the glass flowers, so beautiful. I had my covid vaccin and this time I was very bad during one day. I was really scared but now I feel better. I usually am not bad but it’s a different vaccin. Now I must get the flu one. Dentist is very expensive here too and to get an appointment can take months!


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