Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Fall, and Driving Around


I guess that's why they call it Fall. All the lovely leaves will soon be on the ground.
But there is still lots of color around.

We drove down into the valley below us yesterday to shop at Costco and the street and parking lot trees were amazing.

The green belt on the hillside was golden.

Driving down and back up our hill was golden too,
Even looking down our street when I walked out to get the mail was colorful. 

I will miss it when it goes, as fall it must, but I'll enjoy every bit of it while I can. 


  1. And thanks for sharing every bit of it with us. Our color and leaves are gone. Our snow is gone too.

  2. Wow! The colors are amazing. Fall tends not to last long here as the wind usually takes down the leaves within a week or two. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the fall.

  3. The trees around here that have not already lost their leaves are golden, too. So pretty!

  4. I was in Ashland, Oregon a few years ago in October. That town plants for the fall. Cool crispy sunny days with trees showing off color everywhere.

  5. Wow, Linda! Thank you for sharing all this fall grandeur. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful Fall colours. Here the leaves are nearly fallen with a strong wind.


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