Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

 I'm posting that greeting a bit early, but I have to work everything into my schedule these days.

The table is set. The dishes are old, probably from my grandmother. I got them from my cousin, who got them from her mother. The goblets are from that same aunt. I made the runner a couple of years ago.

The flowers are from the grocery store, with a bit of added greenery from the garden. 

The Thanksgiving cactus are blooming.

Things are getting done along with continued medical appointments. Yesterday I visited two dentist offices, cancelled one appointment to wait for renewed insurance in the new year, and agreed to the procedure, but delayed, to extract a badly broken tooth and have an implant, in the new year. 

Today I was at the medical center to see one of my sports medicine docs and get a hip injection. We are "stabbing" in the dark to try to see what might be the source of my hip problems. This wasn't it and I'm glad the effects are wearing off in a few hours. I almost fell down our stairs when we first got home when my numbed muscle buckled. Good thing I always hold in tight to the rail. 

In happier news, Granddaughter Irene came to visit at lunch time today. She is home from college and she and Jill and Isaac will fly to Colorado tomorrow to be with the other grandparents. I enticed her over with Campbells Chicken Noodle soup and a nice crisp apple. She loves that soup and said the only fruit they are getting in the dining hall is not ripe cantaloupe. She didn't turn down the ice cream Drumstick either. We had a good visit before she went on to check more things off her list. She is very happy at school in Bellingham. 

The turkey is thawing. The ingredients for all the fixings are gathered. Tomorrow we'll bake pies and make cranberry sauce and stuffing and brine the turkey. On Thanksgiving Day we'll host a small group of family to share the cooking and the feasting and the family fun. 

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. I am. We have a lovely home, more than a shelter. We have retirement income to keep us fed and clothed and transported and medically cared for. We have loving family near and far, and friends to commune with. And most of all, I have my wonderful life partner, Tom, who puts up with me when I get grouchy and takes care of me when I need it, takes care of the garden I love, and continues to love me after all of these years. 

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. May your blessings be bountiful. 


  1. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. They will be very thankful for the Thanksgiving meal you are preparing.

  2. Your table and home are absolutely lovely. Happy Turkey Day! Linda in Kansas

  3. You are grateful for a full life, but it sure will be nice when they figure out what's going on with your hip. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful partner. I know what a difference it makes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Linda.

  4. What a sweet Thanksgiving message. May your celebration be a wonderful one.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your extended family. I'm sure the dinner will delicious and the table looks wonderful.
    I do hope the doc is able to figure out your hip issues.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, I am sorry to hear that the shot did not work.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! But I can't believe you ever get grouchy!

  8. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  9. That is a beautiful table! Enjoy your holiday with family & friends.

  10. Oh yes, you have much to be thankful for indeed, Linda. Irene in college? Oh my gosh! I still remember her as that gorgeous little girl that you sewed dresses for and now she's a beautiful young woman. Please be careful with those stairs. I fell going up a few years ago and broke my arm.


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