Saturday, November 25, 2023

Reporting In

 I last posted on Tuesday and it's late Saturday afternoon already. I guess I've been busy.

There was lot of cooking and prepping on Wednesday. Thanksgiving Day went smoothly. We had time in the morning to sit and be thankful, sort of watch the parade on TV, and send greetings to our siblings far away. Guests arrived on time, with food. The turkey was done on time and smoky good. We had fun conversations around the table, and I took no photos of any of that. 

In the afternoon we had our wreath making workshop. Jan, Jake, and Dan have all taken theirs home.

We had pie and then the guys left, Dan headed for home, and Jake to meet up with his cousin and drive into the dark to get to the family cabin at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast. Tom and I put finishing touches on my wreath. 

Jan stayed over and went to Friday breakfast with us. We "elderly" don't like to drive in the dark.

 After breakfast I had an hour long Physical Therapy session, my first in a long time. I was back with Erica, who has worked with me for years. I needed her to see me walk to begin to figure out what changes to make in my exercises to hopefully see some improvements over time. I have my work cut out for me. 

Friday afternoon was grocery shopping, watching college football, and eating leftovers for dinner.

Now Saturday is almost over. I made a wreath for Jill.

We used all natural materials, except the bow, most of which came from our yard. 

We'll take it to her soon, as we are due to pick Jill and Irene up from the airport when they arrive from Colorado and Thanksgiving with the other grandparents. Isaac is staying a day longer. 

Tomorrow I'll take down all the autumn decorations and hang up my wreath.

And then Monday we clean house and get ready to start decorating for Christmas. Tom has the outside lights on the house already. 

We'll pace ourselves. 



  1. You've accomplished a lot! The wreaths look pretty! Linda in Kansas

  2. You had a great Thanksgiving celebration. You had more than thanksgiving activities to make it fun.

  3. You always amaze me with your happy holiday activities. The wreath project looks like so much fun. Good luck with your PT. I'll be going to PT too for my vertigo next month.

  4. Nice wreath! Looks like a fun activity!

  5. Beautiful wreath....I found you by following a comment on Far Side's Blog.

  6. Lovely wreath! O do hope your physical therapy will be beneficial.

  7. You have so many wonderful traditions, and they all went off perfectly this year. Thank you for the lovely pictures of the wreaths that will be enjoyed by everyone! I hope your therapist will not let you overdo it! Happy Thanksgiving once again.

  8. I do love that you do your wreath workshop every year. What wonderful memories you leave those around you. I am glad you got leftovers. We left and did not get any in the rush out the door.

  9. I love all the family traditions you share throughout the year, but wreath making has become my very favorite.

  10. Mahalo for the report! Always wonderfully busy in your household.

  11. Sounds like you all enjoyed Thanksgiving. Congratulations.

  12. It’s such a nice tradition! I wish I could be there!


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