Monday, November 27, 2023


 It's beginning to look a little like Christmas.

Tom has been busy outside. Inside I continued to take down and put away. Autumn is all gone. Next up, the Santa collection!

I got some good news today. I got my appointment with my hip doctor moved from three months out, which was set yesterday, to only a couple of weeks away. Yay! I guess the mild explosion of discontent I expressed then had results. 

And my original hearing aid order is back on and I will take delivery in about three weeks. The follow up appointment is also set.

Both of these changes came out of the blue through phone calls from my provider staffs. I feel taken care of. I am happy.


  1. Such pretty lights! Glad you got some sooner appointments!

  2. Tom did a good job as usual! Glad your appointments get sooner.
    Here we must wait for ages! I am looking forward to see your Santas collection!

  3. The lights bring such a lovely colour and softness to the winter weather.
    Glad to hear your appointment was moved up.

  4. Appointments 3 months in advance make things much more difficult for the patient. What a great house decorations.

  5. Good for you, calling and getting yourself taken care of! Lovely light, may your holidays be wonderful.

  6. Hurray! And I look forward to your Santa and home decorations coming soon!

  7. I look forward every year to seeing those Santas come out of their storage place. And I am so glad to hear you're set for getting all those doctor stuff done soon! :-)

  8. I'm loving your header and all the holiday decorations, Linda. OK.... You're almost putting me in the mood. Congratulations on getting your appointment. Would you believe that on Thursday I have 7:00 Fasting Blood Test, 8:00 Bone Density Scan; 9:00 Mammogram; 10:15 ENT Vertigo Specialist? Good grief! I've never had appointments scheduled that way at Tripler Army. Now, I just hope everything is on time or I'll get really goofed up.


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