Saturday, November 11, 2023


 One day this week we planted some daffodil bulbs. Tom did the work. I consulted.

Tom has been outside working most days, cleaning out beds, mowing/mulching the lawn, and putting stuff away.
The raised beds are cleaned out and covered for winter. The bonsai trees are sheltered under the hoop house.
I did some work too. I spent three hours cleaning out this bed on Thursday. I was safe. You can't fall down when you are already on your knees. This is the bed where Tom dumps the lawn mower bags of mulch when he mows. Soon it will have a layer of bright red. 

It was a pleasure to work under and around our trees, 
Tom divided some plants and potted them up for Laurie's plant sale next spring. 
Under control now.

On Thursday we slowed down. We enjoyed breakfast with friends in the morning and then went grocery shopping. I needed to spent $150 at Safeway in order to get a free turkey. I bought most of my Christmas baking supplies. I needn't have worried. With the price of groceries now I could have earned two free turkeys! But...limit one. 

Tom and Jake went to the Sounders match Friday evening. I watched at home. The Sounders won and advanced to the conference semi finals. 

This morning, Saturday, we started slowly. There was more clean up to do after last night's wind and rain so we were then outside again. I raked up tree debris on the driveway and Tom did the picking up. Then I came in but he is still out there. You can see where he has been.

I have a line up of NW college football to watch: Huskies, Cougars, Beavers, and Ducks. I'll have to miss some while I switch to the OL Reign, our women's professional soccer team, playing for the national title. 

I'll watch all those young athletes do their work.


  1. You guys must be the hardest workers, I know. And I already know the rewards you'll be seeing in spring.

  2. You have always made a good team in that garden. I'm sure it is a double work of love.

  3. Fall work seems to never end. surprised at how much color you have at this time.

  4. The red tree is ever so pretty! Tom is such a hard too!

  5. That red tree is simply breathtaking! I would love to stand under it and look up. So much work goes into your yard. No wonder it is so beautiful all the time.

  6. Nice before and after the leaves are gone. You and Tom are both incredibly hard workers. I am sure you are also a great daffy consultant! :-)

  7. That's a lot of work! But SO worth the effort.

  8. You have the lovliest yard. All your hard work really pays off. Makes me homesick, :-). Born and raised in Seattle, transplanted to E WA with my sons and grandkids. I love it here but miss the old home grounds, north Seattle.

  9. Since my daughter insists TG dinner at her house, I have not cooked a turkey in over a decade! Such is life and I am not complaining.

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  11. Grocery is so expensive here too, I hope you’ll get a big turkey.
    You have always plenty of work to do with the garden, but it is always beautiful.


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