Monday, December 4, 2023

This Tree Is Not Up


During the night, Friday night, we heard a loud thump. The wind was gusting and we closed the window. In the morning we discovered the the top of the neighbor's alder tree was in our front yard. 

Our neighbor, Mark, was over checking it out before we were even up and going. He decided it was a mess big enough to call for help.

Today, Monday, the tree removal crew was on the job. Mark took care of it all. Such a good neighbor.

There's a cleared view of the neighbor's house now so we might have to use our bedroom blinds  more often, but the plants in the front yard will get more light. 

We'll have to resurrect the tree lights, and there is some damage to some of our shrubs. We'll have some clean up to do, but that will wait until the atmospheric river off the Pacific finishes dumping rain on us. 

It's Mark's firewood unless he doesn't want it. 

It could have been much worse. 


  1. That's a little too close for comfort but it's one of the risks of having many trees. I'm glad you weren't hurt and that there was little damage.

  2. That was very kind for your neighbor to clean his tree out of your yard. My MIL and our family had tree / property line issues that went all the way to the Kansas Supreme Court. Whatever is live, fallen, or dead that is on your property is your responsibility from the property line up to Heaven. So, even if a live tree's roots are in your neighbor's yard, if you don't like the branches overhanging above your yard, or poking through your chain link fence, you have the right to trim it from your property line up to the sky. Just because your neighbor's damaged tree falls over into your yard, the debris in your yard is technically your problem to resolve. If the fence is damaged, the person who owns the fence is responsible for fixing/replacing the fence section. And, you have a limited legal right to go onto a neighbor's property in order to take care of your own property. Yep, you neighbor is kind. The wood that landed in your yard is technically your's, but I bet he'd give it to you if you want it. Glad everyone is safe from the adventure! Linda in Kansas

  3. Some time ago with the climates changes and more and more storms I decided we had to cut a big tree close to our house. It was heartbreaking but now it is safer for the house and for us
    I hope you don’t have too much damage in the garden.

  4. Glad it's all cleaned up and little damage came from the downed tree. It could have been so much worse! :-)

  5. It truly could have been so much worse. Mark is definitely a good neighbour, and I'm glad it was cleaned up so soon.
    Good luck during the rain event!

  6. I thought of you when I saw the atmospheric river on the news. I'm glad that the tree missed your house and that you neighbor took the responsibility to clean up. Good neighbor!

  7. Looks like it was a mess, glad it didn't hit any people or the house.

  8. Oh my! We take trees for granted until we don't have them. What a shock it must have been for you. And now your bedroom privacy is gone - but you have such positive thoughts and think about how happy your plants will be with more light.


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