Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Trees Are Up, The Decorating's Done

 We put the travel tree up first, a couple of days ago. It's smaller, less of a job. We have to pace ourselves.

Music: Salzburg and Memphis

New Orleans and New Mexico
East and west coasts: Massachusetts and the San Juan Islands
Salzburg, Philadelphia, and the Earth.
Maine and Paris
Colorado and Norway
Colorado and Norway
And so much more.

It took us a few days to put up our big tree. First, we had to find some matching light strings to fill in where the lights on our pre-lit tree were unlit. 

But first we had to go to some parties. We joined other retired teachers for Holiday brunch on Friday morning. Becky puts on a beautiful event, with wonderful food.

Then Saturday we had a Holiday lunch with our garden group with lots of good potluck food and visiting. On the way home we picked up the lights we needed and then got busy, for a little while.

Today, Sunday, we loaded the tree up with memories.

Old crocheted snowflakes and homemade felt ornaments, at least 40 years old.

A tribute to cookie baking.
Lots of collected Santas.
Lots of fruits and vegetables and horses and pigs. I collected the former, our kids years ago collected the latter. 

All kinds of birds. 
The good and the bad: Santa Lucia, Krampus, and BACON!

Peacocks for Irene

Treasures from my kids preschool days.

 I think the decorating is done. 

There will be more pics. Now we will fucus on a Christmas letter, and then baking!


  1. Awesome decorations with many stories.

  2. Just beautiful memories, and they are even becoming part of my own treasured memories of Christmas. Wonderful displays!

  3. Trees of wonder. I can't get over the bacon.

  4. This is an Outstanding post. Just love all of it. I really like your travel tree.

  5. Your trees tell a complete story.

  6. Wouah! I enlarged the pictures SO many beautiful things!
    The travel tree is fantastic!


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