Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Jollys

Several weeks ago I finally got around to ordering a new pair of garden clogs. Jollys, imported from Germany, are the best! My old pair was coming apart and they hurt my feet. These are great for going out to the garden or going down the driveway to fetch the newspaper. My new Jollys make me happy.
Now you may be thinking "What the h--- kind of topic is that for a blog. But Lin charges us all this morning to find something to laugh about, and this is the best I can do at the moment.
I just scanned the front page of the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
"Boeing's airplane production comes to a halt-STRIKE TIME". Great for the economy anyway you look at it, and I usually take the union side.
"Zamora: I kill for God" says the insane man who went on a killing rampage this week in the Skagit Valley, leaving six dead and two more wounded. So far those are the only words he's uttered. I just hope he's not Islamic. That's all we'd need to improve our community and world relationships.
The Bellevue School District teachers are still on strike. Besides pay and benefits, of course, they want more academic freedom. The district is insisting on retaining their "web based" curriculum, through which the teachers receive their weekly lesson plans for reading and math, and must not detour from the script. Nothing like "one size fits all".
Maybe this one should make me laugh. "Huge, raucous crowds turn out to cheer McCain, Palin".
Unfortunately I can only manage a shudder, and not from laughter. What if this trick on us called Sarah actually works?
So you see, I have to get my Jollys where I can.
I'll try to do better tomorrow.


  1. Very funny! And very sad that the news is more depressing than uplifting. So, I look for a diversion. I am watching Natl Geographic's Yellowstone in HD and it is amazing! Next is're on the west coast. Have you been to these places?

  2. anything counts that makes you laugh and politics is certainly good at that...

  3. I wear boiled wool Halflingers in the house, and out if I have cork soled ones, so I know how these special shoes are.
    I'm with you on Palin..No way, Palin/McCain!

    I also shudder. I think everyone should be shuddering!
    There's more to this than meets the eye.

    Zamora, I thought he was Mexican for some reason, terrible, just terrible. And me too, I am honking for the strikers!

  4. Linda, I forgot to say that I hope the teachers get that ability back to teach their way. How absurd it is to encumber anyone by handing down from administrators how to teach. I can think of much better ways for money to be spent than paying them to dictate teaching..

    Sad.. I have always thought this was terrible. I'm not a real teacher, like full time, but I have worked with kids and art and subbed in schools ( not here, you have to be certified to sub here, or I'd be doing it).

    I'm a good teacher, I can make learning enjoyable. But I am sure they would put a stop to that if at all possible ( admin) but you'd know better than I.

    I worked with the TX Commission on the Arts for some time, trying to make sure art was not dominated this way in schools.

    I have to meet you one day!
    My family BTW is from Pittsburgh area PA, where is yours from?

  5. Oh gosh..I had a nightmare about that is such a tight race..


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