Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Collections or Stuff?

Sometimes collecting results in official collections, and sometimes it's just stuff. Either way, it amounts to treasures we have invested time, money and/or interest in.
When Tom saw my posting yesterday, he said, "It's fine, but you didn't show the other stuff on the back wall". No,I didn't. And some of you are hinting at wanting to see that pottery. It's coming. As I told him, I'm just getting started, but I'm supposed to be taking it easy, and some of the staging takes time, the right light, and more energy than I had then.
We do have a lot of stuff! Here is Tom's watering can collection. He could easily add to it, but not at the price he is willing to pay. Most of these do get used.
In addition to the nozzles and sprinklers you saw yesterday, he has more of his sprinkler collection on the back interior wall of his green house. Again, cool attracts, but the price must be reasonable, so these did not come from designer garden shops.
We also have a collection of out door stone art, mostly by Caruth. We love his face designs.
When I was photographing these this morning, I discovered that one was missing. The gate was open yesterday, and it seems that someone came in and took it. We do have a crazy neighbor whom I suspect.
Finally, the back wall of the garage, with its overhanging roof line, is a perfect location for the potting bench. It is also the display area for miscellaneous old garden and farm tools. Some of these farm tools - the hay fork, the cowbells, the funnel and scoop, are from my grandparents farm, where my mother was raised, and as the oldest child, helped her father with the dairy cattle.
It's time to but my day back in balance, so that will do for now. This guy's purpose is to remind me never to take myself, or my hobbies, too seriously.


  1. I absolutely love, love, love the last photo! It caught me by surprise! Great collections, and I hope you took a nap after the tour.
    Hope you are recovering and feeling better.

  2. What mare said goes for me too. This was a terrific post.

  3. I would love to have the tools that were handed down because of the history. But I thought I was the only one with a crazy neighbor...

  4. nice collections!! and great pictures! I love that little stone guy in the last picture...I need one of those!!

  5. What a great collection of things. I love the cow bells and the pitch fork...the spades and the watering cans...oh I love them all. If I had the financial means I would probably fill our entire six acres with stuff. Kind of brave for someone to just walk in your yard and steal something. Strange.


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