Sunday, September 28, 2008

Over The Hills And Far away

This weekend we traveled to gather with family to say good by to a loved one. Gordon, Tom's cousin, suffered heart failure and died a month ago. This weekend we went to the place he called his paradise, Lake Chelan, to celebrate his life. There we met friends from the various stages of his life who, together, could complete the whole story that was Gordon. Many of his years, in youth and in maturity, were spent on the shores of this lake.
Lake Chelan is a deep natural lake surrounded by the brown hills and pine woods typical of central Washington state. In summer, this lake is buzzing with activity as it is a major recreational water sports destination.
This Saturday there was some noisy boat racing on the lake, but by evening, when family gathered on the lake shore for an impromptu picnic, the scene was quiet and peaceful.
Lake Chelan empties through a water control dam and a short river into the mighty Columbia River. The banks of the lake and the river here are lined with fruit orchards. Harvest of the abundant apples is beginning and will continue with intensity as the fruit ripens in October.
The first signs of fall are appearing on the other side of the mountains. Pumpkins are on display at the fruit stands. Some of the leaves are starting to turn. The huckleberry bushes on the ski slopes on Stevens Pass formed a beautiful carpet.
We're settling in for the evening. Tomorrow we're back on the road, going to Oregon to visit my mother.
Catch you later.


  1. Linda..I'm sorry about your loss, but I love the idea of a life celebration. That is what I would want...beautiful photos and nice to see your smiling face

  2. wonderful place of beauty to celebrate a loved one's life. memories to carry on.

  3. I have special Chelan memories to Linda.. Sorry about your friend.. Sad, this parting, I know it well.
    Bless you all...

    About Oregon beach,, let me know if you can recommend a place... I may go to Oregon soon, (this week), and am looking for a small cabin for me..any recommendations?
    I was at Rockaway last time. And I'll head to Portland or Eugene for clay materials.
    But I need a nice place on the beach, inexpensive..for one, cozy...
    I want to do some hiking too... I understand there are big trees near there? My email is under the talking cat in my sidebar.. Thanks Linda. Sherry, Hope you're all healed up now..

  4. The lake is beautiful! What a great way to say goodbye. Your photos are outstanding. Have a good Oregon visit.

  5. That's exactly the way I'd like my kith and kin to say farewell to me when I lay this mortal down. It's a beautiful thing to take such a sad moment and turn it into a lasting, tender memory for those left behind.

    My hubby and I visited Lake Chelan several years ago and have always wanted to get back. sigh... maybe someday.

  6. Lovely photos. Sorry about your loss. - Dave


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