Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Off To A Good Start

Buffalo Bills 34 - Seattle Seahawks 10
I was ready for some football, but this game was hard to watch!
The UW Huskies and the WSU Cougars lost too.
Not a fun sports weekend.
The Mariners did actually win a couple of games, a bit of a bright spot for those devoted fans still sticking with them during this dismal season.
But.... The sun is shining in Seattle, we had no typical morning fog to burn off - blue sky from the start! We're heading for a high near 80.
The conventions are over, and here in the blue Seattle area, there is no contest for President, so we are spared the political ads bombarding the contested states. Maybe we'll have a brief respite.
It's the beginning of a new week, and we are off to a good start after all!


  1. Have a wonderful week of blue skies, Linda. Funny but Tif mentioned that we seem to take blue skies for granted here in Hawaii. We get light drizzles but some part of the sky is blue. However...the other side of the coin is that we have a water shortage right now.

  2. Football seems like such a waste. My husband watches it, sometimes I just watch the last few plays as that is what determines the game. I don't even watch BYU-my alma mater play but I think they won or maybe they haven't even played yet....

  3. How nice to live in a blue state. Here in Florida I sometimes feel disenfranchised. I did hear about the blue skies too when my daughter called last night.
    I had a pair of garden clogs similar to those! They were great down here when walking the dog in the rain.

  4. Football... urp, gag! I can't make any sense of the game. I rarely ever know where the ball is. I often wish I was one of you lucky women who truly enjoyed the game. It would make my hubby so happy. He was a college football star...actually attended his first couple of years on football scholarships. But... I just don't get it.

    Sorry your hometeam isn;t playing up to par.

  5. The Broncos smashed the Tater's so I am happy. :)


  6. My son is a sports broadcaster in Buffalo-so needless to say, they were thrilled!! What a morale booster the game was for them. And then when news that Tom Brady [Patriot QB]will be sitting out for the year...well...there's now hope in Mudville for a playoff spot!!

  7. Not off to a good start election wise, either, Oh Linda, we gotta win!

    A vote for Republican ticket is a vote for Theocracy!

    Hope your teams win... :)


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