Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Baking

I became known as the cookie baker of the family years ago when I made as many as 14 kinds. We had traditional family gatherings on both sides of the family, plus our own smaller festivities here at home, so there were plenty of people around to eat them. And we were all much younger then and could get away with it. I shared them at school and with neighbors as well.
But times change. Now we go with our son to Colorado to our daughter's home. Our son-in-law instructs me to "bring lots of cookies", but they have to go in the luggage. So I had my kids select their favorite out of all of the choices and narrowed it down to two kinds. I threw in a third one that I like. My sister-in-law, Jan, has the same favorites, so she's happy when we get together for our little pre-Christmas before we all go our separate ways.
However, these favorites are the most complicated of the whole bunch. Let me show you what I mean.
Apricot Foldovers are little Danish-like cookies made with a butter/cream cheese dough that is rolled out like pie dough and then cut into 2 inch squares.
The filling is chopped dried apricots that have been "stewed" with sugar and orange juice. This is carefully placed on each dough square. This is a two person cookie and Tom willingly assists me.
The squares are then folded over the filling before baking.
The final step is to pipe icing on each cookie. The Chocolate-covered Cherry Cookies have a few less steps. The frosting covering the cherry is baked in place.
The Filbert (Hazelnut) Crescents are shaped, rolled in egg white and chopped nuts and baked. They are dipped in chocolate to "gild the lilly".
The cookies all get packed up and stored in the freezer to await their scheduled event or journey. We only sample lightly, to make sure they are fit to eat, of course!


  1. Linda,
    You made my favorite kind. Have a wonderful trip to Colorado.

  2. Fruitcake!! What about the fruitcake?? We will make the Cherry Twinkles tomorrow and then little children are awaiting your arrival to make the sprinkle Cookies and Gingerbread "men".

  3. Wow those look delicious. Have a wonderful time in Colorado.

  4. Those all look heavenly and I'm drooling all over my keyboard! I am glad you sampled them and I know everyone will enjoy every last morsel! I can tell you're getting excited! Hope you have a marvelous Christmas with your family!

  5. I am going to miss the family gathering, but please relay my holiday greetings to everyone! If you mailed those cookies frozen, would they be gone before you get there? Judging by the photos...I think so!

  6. wow, what I wouldn't give for a guilt free/sugar free cookie. will have to try making a splenda one. every where I go people are serving goodies that I can't eat. makes me feel a little scroogelike.

  7. What wonderful treats. My husband is the cook at our house and makes wonderful candies.

  8. Those are really beautiful cookies. 14 kinds? My gosh, you must have been so busy...

  9. Oh my goodness--you make beautiful cookies.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Aren't those frozen bubbles something else. there was, like a pool of them at the waterfall.

    BTW I saw on the news a story about a house fire on Sunlight Beach Rd. on Whidbey. Did you see that? MB

  10. Fabulous looking cookies. I don't know which one I'd taste first, because they all look deliciously appetizing.

  11. Linda, my heavens, what yummy beautiful cookies. I'd take a class with you! (or just buy your cookies) tummy rumbling now!!!


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