Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow in the Garden

It finally started snowing here at our house about 8:00 yesterday evening. We didn't get much, but now that the temperature has dropped to below freezing, it will be around for awhile.
Sunrise arrived especially brightly this morning.
I love the details in the garden when we have snow. I was out early with my camera before the wind spoiled the effect.
Juncos, usually ground birds, are coming to the feeders along with the chick-a-dees and the nut hatches.
Snow on sword fern fronds.
The bonsai are protected under the garden cloches. the "permanent" quail are enjoying the snow. Sedums wear caps.
Christmas rose.
The table is set with white linen.
The greenhouse roof dripping was frozen in time. Must mean it's warmer in there.
We don't expect to see a thaw until next weekend at the earliest. While this is common for many of you, it is rare here in Seattle. Maybe it will kill off some of those slugs trying to hide in the garden.


  1. We have the most snow I think I've seen since moving to Oregon. My husband keeps worrying about getting to PDX next week-end when our daughter comes in. He thinks things are still going to be frozen. Surely not. It's been a wonderful day to stay inside and watch it.

  2. What lovely pictures you took of the snowfall! Be careful on the roads! Snow and ice are no fun on those hills...unless you are sledding , of course.

  3. Lovely snow in your garden. The first snow is always the nicest.

    I know that the Eagles that winter over in the valley and got back to the arctic spend their nights on blanchard Mt. or in trees nearby. This is the first year I have seen Eagles in the nests this early. Two weeks ago I saw an Eagle , on Camano, carrying a big stick that I imagine will be used in building a nest. The residents probably have a different agenda that the winter visitors. I'd better research it. MB

  4. You do have a lovely garden and I love your photos! I had fun getting some early this morning, too. I just want it to clear up before my son's plane arrives at SeaTac next Monday. I've got everything crossed!

  5. Brrr...looks cold!
    Beautiful Pacific North West, miss it soo!
    Love your Page!
    Blessings to You & Yours This Season!
    Feliz Navidad!!

  6. All your photos are lovely, Linda. I had fun walking through it with you in my mind. I've been missing snow actually and I loved seeing yours.

  7. What fun it was to scroll down and see your snow pics. Lovely!


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