Sunday, December 21, 2008

Travel Update

Well, we're back home in Seattle. After successfully getting to the airport, we stood in line at the ticket counter, and just as it was our turn, all the rest of the day's flights were cancelled! We then took our long time at the counter as the line grew longer and longer. No announcement was made for those still waiting, but word of mouth was traveling down the line. We re-booked for the morning of Dec. 25th, the earliest opening! So our Colorado Christmas, should we eventually get there, will be shorter and sweeter. It has been snowing lightly all day now. We had some trouble getting a cab to take us back home, and had to lug the luggage the last few blocks, since the side streets are snow clogged. The Seahawks played in the snow and won! Sorry, Jets fans. We are regrouping. Our son is stuck here for now, and will try to get back to his place in the city tomorrow. I pulled some ground up horse clams out of the freezer that we stashed last summer from our catch on Useless Bay. I'm going to go make a big pot of clam chowder. Thanks for all of the good wishes. If those wishes had wings, we'd be with our grand kids. As it is, I'll be around to blog a few more days. Happy travels to you, and if you don't have to travel, good for you.


  1. Well, sorry about your delay, but I'm so glad you weren't on that plane that crashed.
    We've been snow bound for nearly a week, and have had several social/family events canceled. Our hope is that Alison and Ric will make it from B-ham for Christmas.
    Can't argue with mother nature.
    Happy Holidays wherever you may be.

  2. I'm sorry about your delay, glad that you are safe. I have no idea what we will find tomorrow afternoon when my son's plane is due in. What a mess! Stay warm and safe!

  3. wow homemade clam chowder sounds wonderful. hope your plans work out. we're watching the weather too as we have a 4.5 hr drive north on snowy roads to get to our grandkids.

  4. now I realize why you said you needed a lift
    so sorry about the travel troubles but you'll get there, safely, eventually.

    for now - stay warm and enjoy the chowder.

  5. I wondered if you would get out of town...The snow here may postpone our travel plans too. This is some nasty winter weather...

  6. Umm clam chowder sounds perfect for this cold spell!
    I'll be right over!

  7. I'm so sorry for your travel delays. It's disappointing but all is better that you are safe. I love clam chowder! I could use a bowl right now.

  8. Travel was wicked for my son as well. He made it in two days late and lots of slow snowy travel in a shuttle. But he is here safe now and the snow has melted. Wow what a year this is.


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