Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Field Trip

Last year Tom and I decided we needed to take a day to go see Christmas glitter - that is, decorations galore, over the top, lush and abundant. What better place than the gift shops of big nurseries. We also decided it would be more fun if we took people along to share in the fun. We invited the retired teachers of our breakfast club. And so began the Annual Christmas Field Trip. Today we celebrated the second anniversary of our field trip.
The ladies met us at our house at 9:00 this morning and we piled into our minivan. First stop - Swanson's.
Swanson's is famous for it's all season container plantings. The Koi in the cafe pavilion were looking for a nibble.
Real reindeer were in residence.
This train display used real plants.
OK, good start. Lots of fresh, natural, seasonal displays.
Now on to the strictly artificial. Wight's!
The greeters at the door.
Wight's is known for it's dozens of theme trees, with ornaments galore on display and for sale.
There is so much here it's bedazzling, over whelming. Ornaments kept falling into my basket.
But hunger called us out of Christmas Land and into a near by Olive Garden restaurant for lunch. After dining at a leisurely pace, we headed for our third stop, Molbak's.
I loved the planting right outside the entry.
Molback's has a great gift shop, too, but they are famous for their POINSETTIAS!
Are you bedazzled yet?
We had a great time today. Some of us bought lots, some of us next to nothing. Just looking is free. Go out and enjoy the season!


  1. Wow Linda! What a fantastic lot of photos. Your garden shops and others really do "go the whole hog" at Christmas. You've got me in the Christmas spirit! Well done! - Dave

  2. Wonderful trip through the garden centers. We have several in this area that decorate all out for Christmas as well. I love this time of year....especially the smells.

  3. This looks like so much fun. Thank you for taking us along! It reminds me so much of the outings I had with my teacher friends in Illinois. Sigh.

  4. I too enjoyed the field trip. I fight all the pre Christmas hype in store with music before Halloween, then it's hard to get in the mood after Thanksgiving but your trip helped and emphasizing a green Christmas. Thanks!

  5. Wow..what a Christmas trip you took us on..great photos Linda..

  6. I enjoyed the field trip. Check out my blogs. No field trips, but plenty busy.

  7. My favorite photo is the poinsetta it a tree? Very nice field trip!

  8. I am absolutely bedazzled!

    thanks for all those photos

  9. Just beautiful! I'd love a field trip like that.

  10. Loved it! Loved it! What a wonderful day. Especialy since you're making it a tradition to be enjoyed with friends. Beautiful sights, sounds, smells... and an Olive Garden lunch! What could be better than that?

    Well... maybe if I'd been able to be a stowaway on the outing. Oh wait a minute... I was! THANKS!!

  11. What fun to go nursery hopping. Funny how each place is different yet the same. When I was a buyer for Emerys Garden I had to go scout out the other nurseries for ideas. We were all doing the same thing. Too funny. MB


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