Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lovely Langley at Christmas Time

We went away to Whidbey Island without telling you, but now we're back and I will try to catch up with everybody. There is so much to do! We went to the cabin for the weekend to enjoy Christmas in Langley. A charming, historic village on the island, they love to celebrate. We enjoyed the parade, the shopping, the coffee and the lights. Saturday began with a beautiful 360 degrees of sunrise. The parade began about 11:00, and lasted... well, it was short, but sweet.
There are always gaps in parades. It's expected.
The bagpipe band was wonderful.
Santa's sleigh was pulled by an ambulance. Prepared for any emergency?
We enjoyed this scene from Mike's Place, where we had coffee.
We walked trough candy Cane Lane to enjoy the lights.
Nature put on her own show, with a great sunset!


  1. I liked the parade in Langley and the lights on Candy Cane Lane. But, that sunset was the highlight for me. WOW!!

  2. It all sounds like lots of fun, beautiful holiday lights and scenes. But the sunset is unbelievable! Thanks so much for sharing. Glad you had a good time!

  3. Linda, your blog is always so well done. I forgot to tell in my blog that Vernonia has a Christmas parade, also. It is mostly logging trucks.
    Nice sunset.
    Your sister, Ilene

  4. fun small town parade, gorgeous sunset photo.

  5. incredible sunrise and amazing sunset

    with all kinds of fun in the middle

    really enjoyed these photos

  6. Linda - Thank you so much for capturing the essence of Langley at the holidays. We are so happy you came to visit and took the time to share the beauty of our village with others. Love those photos!!

    Sherry Mays
    Langley Chamber director

  7. Wow! That last one is a stunner.

  8. What a wonderful tour of Whidbey. Lovely, lovely photos and that last one of the sunset is stunning. Great post! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.

  9. I enjoyed your photos Linda. A Christmas parade - Wow, great! I loved your final sunset photo with 'rays.' - Dave

  10. Thanks for taking us to the fun parade. However, that sunset shot at the end was really the capper. Gorgeous! Totally spectacular!

  11. Very festive and fun. All you need is some snow which I can send along


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