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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Pageant - Finale

My new header pic was taken Saturday at the Denver Aquarium. It's quite a place, well worth a visit. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Thursday was the preschool party with the magic wands. Friday was Irene's real birthday, and for that family celebration we needed a castle cake. We got an early start Thursday evening on that project, and Irene helped finish the details.
During the day on Friday we decorated.
Happy Birthday to you, Irene, now officially four years old. After the kids went to bed Friday we got started on the Saturday cake. I know, that's a lot of cake making, and by 10:30, when we finished, that's how I felt. But we were pleased with the results. Ta-Da! Originally the plan for Saturday was to go to the zoo before going to Fort Lupton to the other grandparents' house. But it was 38 and raining, so we opted for the indoor aquarium. Of course we had to transport the cake. At least we didn't have to worry about it getting too warm in the car, since it didn't fit in the cooler.
We had lunch at the aquarium restaurant, while watching the fish swim by the huge windows. As you can see, Irene is wearing her new birthday dress. It's great for twirling, just as I had in mind when I made it.
The party at Grandma Andrea and Papa John's was all Cinderella. The Princess herself, in all of her royal finery. And the cake survived the trip and a little unauthorized decorating by Irene. I guess a few more M&M "jewels" were needed. Isaac enjoyed it all, too, especially "cutting" the hair on the Rapunzel doll. He was very happy for Irene that she got the perfect birthday for her. He thought he might even need a Prince doll so they could play castle together.


  1. this must be grandkids week. fun to enjoy their energy and imaginations. she's a cutie.

  2. This is such fun!!! Your adorable little granddaughter had a dream birthday! Castle cakes were always my kids favorite! They loved putting them together. The Barbie doll theme was wonderful... that cake is a real memory maker for your princess. She definitely looks like Cinderella in her lovely blue gown and tiara.

    You just may make "grandma of the year"

  3. You have the most attractive, adorable grandchildren. What a fun birthday Irene had. Those cakes are amazing and I love (no, LOVE) that dress you made her. You are such a fabulous grandma. You're my role model. Wow!

  4. Ooops! I forgot to mention that your header is fabulous! I noticed it right away.

  5. two amazing cakes! and so much celebration!! it's wonderful

  6. wow, lucky granddaughter! Beautiful dress and beautiful cake!

  7. What a cutie, that Princess Irene!

  8. This is such a precious post...I really enjoyed it...Irene is a beautiful princess...

  9. What a beautiful header photo!

    Love the gloves on that costume. She looks so adorable in that dress you made.


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