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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preschool Princess Party

The Princess Birthday Pageant has begun. Last night we baked the Magic Wand cookies. You know every princess needs a fairy godmother, and the godmother needs her magic wand. Irene's mom, Jill, had this all worked out in her head. Now we had to put it to the test. So far, so good! They came out of the oven successfully. Now to add some embellishment. Daddy tied the bows.
When these go to preschool, the kids will decorate them with frosting, "jewels" and magic dust. So of course, a trial run was needed.
Now can we taste test them? Of course! This morning we arrived at snack time. Irene was serenaded and got to choose from Miss Stacy's Birthday box.
Now for the real test of birthday magic, three and four year olds. The wands were frosted, bejeweled, and sprinkled with magic power. Yea. It worked! Thanks, Mommy. Thanks, Grandma.
We even had time for a little dress up - Princess style, of course.


  1. I took a little hiatus, and what do I find when I return but a gorgeous new blog picture, and this wonderful photo essay of a birthday celebration. What a beautiful little girl Irene is (I'll be inside as well as out) and what a clever mommy to make those wands.

  2. looks like you are having fun with the grandkids...she's the one you make all the princess dresses for....lucky her.

  3. You have an adorable granddaughter and she's got the nicest grandma! I love those little cookie wands. What a thrill for her!

  4. How fun! and what a lovely little granddaughter! No wonder you are proud. Thanks for sharing the birthday goodies!

  5. What a good idea to make those magic wand cookies. Very creative!
    What a lucky princess she is!

  6. What a magical day! Omigosh! She is ADORABLE!!! I doubt seriously that that has gone unnoticed by anyone... but, I just had to say it. She is so cute! I wish one of those wonderful wands had the magic to bring me a sweet little granddaughter just like her! I'd try hard to be as good a grandma as you are...

    I loved this post!!


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