Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumnal Equinox

Today we say good bye to summer for another year. They seem to go by so quickly. Today the day and night, the light and dark are in balance, are equal in amount of time. Tomorrow is the first full day of Autumn. Here in Seattle we are getting a reprieve. The forecast is for 87 today and 85 tomorrow. Of course now it takes most of the day for the thermometer to rise to it's peak and then the warmth is fleeting, cooling down quickly as the sun goes down, too early now. In the garden, the signs of fall are still subtle. The shadows are much longer. Spiders are now decorating the shrubs and vines. You must be careful where you walk in the mornings!
The hardy fuchsias are still putting on their show.
The entry is still decorated with Tom's geranium collection,
but the cuttings for next year's plants are already in the greenhouse.
On this equinox I'm all for equality, but when it comes to seasons, I like the balance tipped to the light.


  1. Terrific photos as always, Linda, and I love the spider/webs!

    Enjoy our beautiful days!


  2. I like autumn and winter the most. I love the crisp air of fall. I love settling in on a cold winter night. I feel warm and secure in my little cacoon when dark comes early and I turn the lamps on early and close the blinds. I had too much sun in Texas. I seldom crave the sun.

    I enjoyed the spider pictures. They're such interesting creatures.

    As always, lovely pictures.

  3. Hi Linda!
    Me too. I'm already missing the light in the early morning... Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the spider. Happy Autumn.

  4. What beautiful spider webs! As if on cue, the temperature dropped today to feel like fall. It was nice except for the drizzling rain that accompanied for the umpteenth day in a row.

  5. You sure are right about feeling the change in the air. It was very hot today but it is chilly at night. It is mostly Vine Maples that change color early but my Viburnam is all red. My Geraniums are still blooming too and the Petunias but the flower is getting smaller but just as vibrant. Crazy year we have had. MB

    For some reason I can't use my google so I will be anon.

  6. As usual Linda your yard is beautiful. I spotted those little quail in your yard (my favorite bird). Are they real? Love the webs. Makes me feel like fall is real to see them.

  7. Very nice looking yard you have. The geraniums are gorgeous. Today we have had high 70s but the sky color says fall is here. I don't like it getting dark so early! But it is cozy to stay in and read and unwind from the summer!

  8. I have that same spider here!! Almost ran into him today. Love your geranium starts Linda.. I need to do some cuttings myself.. snowball, and lilacs. I have been collecting calendula seeds and petals all summer, but now I have a ton of seeds to harvest..

    I am going to make lotion or cream with the petals.. I'd love a greenhouse like that.. wow!

  9. I'm sorry but I don't like spiders so I had to speed by those photos. Your garden photos are awesome. I'm always amazed at how lush and gorgeous your plants are. Your porch looks fabulous with all those healthy plants.

  10. Oh my gosh...I love the spider web photos. Your garden is much more green than ours is right now and the leaves are starting to come down already.... sigh... then winter...

  11. Wow! Great spider and spiderweb shots!


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