Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Family That Watches Sports Together....... it separately. I know, it's supposed to go something like " The family that ________ (you fill in the blank) together, stays together. But my family is spread out. I was raised in a family that was interested in sports. So when I had my own kids, I got them interested, too. Our first blind devotion was to the Seattle SuperSonics NBA team. With them we won a championship. But they're gone now, off in Oklahoma. Since then we've added the NFL Seattle Seahawks, the MLB Mariners, and this year the Major League Soccer Sounders FC. A few years ago the Seahawks went to the Superbowl, the Mariners were in the playoffs, and our Sounders got off to a great start this year as an expansion team. Son Jake, off on his own in Seattle, is way into the Sounders, and will be watching the Seahawks today from an as yet undisclosed location. I'll text him to find out where. Daughter Jill moved to Colorado, where the Broncos roam, but she has purchased an NFL package so that she can watch her Seahawks, and her kids will be dressed in their Seahawks shirts, too. Husband Corey will have to go find another TV to watch. No doubt we will text and/or call each other during the game. You see, we are watching it together, just in different places. It looks like Dianne's Jets are getting it done out on the other coast! Gotta go. Game time!


  1. My son is a sports broadcaster who has never waivered from being a Giants and Mets fan. Also a Syracuse Univ fan.
    I like sports. Not too keen on soccer, though.

  2. I'm not a big sports fan but the rest of my family is. We're a Bulls, Bears, Cubs family.

  3. I am not much into watching sports on TV but the husband and son are big time so the games are always on in the background. Sure sign of fall hearing those games.

  4. And my father's idea of fun was taking us to the philharmonic... so I am sports ignorant.. but I can appreciate your enthusiasm...

    Regarding your comment on my health care post. I am afraid that the health care issue is going to cost the dems in the election and threaten Obama in a second term. I had some hope, not so sure about it now but we really need to do something in a public option. IMHO anyway...

  5. my Jets did get it done although they had an ugly 2nd quarter and I was worried

    I was thinking of you too :)

  6. My husband is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan and Patriots fan. He has the tv in the living room and I crawl into our nice, soft bed and watch my "trashy" shows! Keeps the peace in the family. I do like the way though that you are all watching together!


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