Friday, September 11, 2009

Spending Time on Whidbey Island

When I left you last weekend, I vowed to try to make the time spent "distinct", doing, among other things, "physical things and activities". I think I did. Sunday the family dutifully gathered at the family compound on Sunlight Beach for the Phosie Gertie Picnic. But there was very little sunlight to be had. We experienced a terrific storm Saturday night and into Sunday morning in the area, so it was with trepidation that many ventured north to the island Sunday to join those who had overnighted there in the two cabins. Finally by mid afternoon the rain stopped. The official Phosie Gertie flag was raised, with some effort, into a stiff breeze. We took the official photo. But the sand castles, beach volleyball and water balloon toss had to be abandoned. The little kids didn't need to go over to the bay to "fish". They found what they needed on the street!
The food was still there, and we shared it together at our indoor picnic. It was a house full!
By evening the crowds had thinned, and the clean up began. That continued into Monday morning, and then by noon we found ourselves all alone, except for the birds.
This chicken had been wandering around all day Sunday, and was back on Monday. There are predators on the island that could bring about it's demise. We asked the lady who has chickens down the road at the end of the spit if it was hers, and she said no, but she'd take it to rescue it. I waited until evening when it had settled down to roost on the porch next door, clutched it under my arm and took it to her pen. Later we located it's rightful owner. Include "chicken rescue" in my list of "distinct activities".
From Monday on we were entertained by the action across the street. Fire last winter had destroyed one cabin and damaged another. A cement septic system was being poured on one lot, and the other cabin was being demolished.
On Monday it looked like this.
And on Thursday it looked like this!
We will enjoy the view of the bay while we have it. Two new two story cabins will soon rise from the ashes. We continued to have some wind off and on,
enough to cause white caps and sounds of surf on the bay.
The activities continued. After finishing the cleaning up, we made a trip to the recycling station. South Whidbey is a very ecologically aware community, and there was a bin for everything, and lots of people coming and going. Especially after the holiday weekend, it was a busy place.
We made a trip to Freeland for groceries and a stop at the Lighthouse Cafe for coffee and a goody. We can never resist stopping in at the nursery at the Ace Hardware Store. Sure enough we found two plants and some bulbs for our cabin garden. We weeded and trimmed and edited the garden, working in the new plants. The weather was improving as the week progressed. Wednesday we went out on the dike trail to pick wild blackberries.
They were small but sweet. I had some on my cereal the next morning, but the bulk of them were delivered to son Jake, who will be brewing his blackberry stout beer.
With the "chores" done, Thursday morning we drove over to South Whidbey State Park to walk the Wilbert Trail. We read about it in the Seattle Times, and there's nothing I like better than a
walk through an old growth forest.
There are several old Douglas Fir giants, survivors for over 500 years. Their trunks are blackened by fire but the thick bark protects them. And the Wilberts and their conservation friends saved them from the ax and chainsaw.
In the boggy areas wonderful old cedars grow.
Dubbed the "Ancient Tree", this over 500 year old giant gets special attention.
I also finished that book, Out Stealing Horses, and started another, Sweeping Up Glass, set in Depression era Kentucky. It's another good read.
Now that I'm back home with my electronic technology, I've been catching up, along with getting the chores done. Then I want to get back to my book.
What do you think - time well spent?


  1. What a wonderful gathering of cousins. A nice time to share family stories with the younger generations. (I hope you had a chance to do that and that they listened).

    I bet you were glad for the peace and quiet when they all went home.

  2. Beautiful pictures. That must have been really fun.

  3. sounds like a great reunion in spite of the weather, enjoyed your lovely photos of the beauties of that area which are many.

  4. What a great gathering! And in spite of the weather, everyone seems to have had a great time! Really happy for you! Thanks for the fun post and the gorgeous photos!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  5. I am so in awe of this whole post. I can see what a beautiful family time you had. Your garden is gorgeous! You live in paradise, Linda.

  6. Wonderful family traditions! Looks like a good time is not dependant upon the weather. Your hand must be ok! Good for you!

  7. time very well spent!!

    and I know that chicken would agree ;)

    you people make the most beautiful children!!

  8. The beach there has natural clay deposits. I've had fun sculpting with chunks of it, and making teapots and cups for some child to find..You always inspire me to get out and visit, new or old places Linda, Thanks!


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