Monday, September 28, 2009

Transition Day

We have been having summer like weather, so that even though the calendar said Fall, we weren't convinced. But today that changed. It was 45 when I got up this morning, and only 50 when we went out for our exercise walk about 9:30, even though the sky was still clear blue. The weather man said that would be changin'. When we were back home at 10:30, the wind was blowing. We decided it was time to collect most of the outdoor furniture and get it stowed in the shed. I collected "yard art" and put it away. I picked dahlias for another round of bouquets. This afternoon the clouds arrived to obscure the sun. We turned on the furnace for the first time since June. I got out my sewing machine and set up to work on a project. It looks like we got a bit of rain after dark this evening, but now we have the drapes and blinds closed as we settle down in front of the TV. The times, they are a changin'.


  1. But I find its cozy, settling in!

  2. Yes, I was surprised this morning just after I got up -- shivering, to hear the furnace come on! First time I've heard that sound in several months. I do believe Fall has arrived!



  3. It has cooled off in the Sacramento area as well. The next trip to the cabin will be to drain the water and get it ready for winter. Summer is over and the snow will soon fly in the high country.

  4. I have turned my heat on already. I wish that autumn would hang on a little bit longer@


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