Saturday, September 12, 2009

March on Washington??

Apparently while we were enjoying a beautiful late summer Saturday here in the sane state of Washington, tens of thousands of people were marching on the capitol in that other Washington to "Take Our Country Back!" Now that confuses me a bit, because I felt like I just got my country back when Barack Obama became our president last January, and ever since there have been those who have been trying to snatch it from me by doing all they can to ensure that Obama fails. At least that's what I heard them say. So what is this March? Well, it's organized by TeaPartyPatriots and FreedomWorks, both of which are well funded by big corporations that stand to benefit if the President does fail. And they are assisted in their cause by the ravings of one Glen Beck, Fox News entertainer. What do they want? They want their tax money back. They want smaller government, like the kind that refused to regulate Wall Street and the investment industry. You know, those guys who led us to the brink of economic disaster and then got a bail out. I guess the bail out is OK, but the stimulus package, passed in the Obama administration is BAD. As I say, it's confusing and I do have trouble keeping score. To better understand this march and it's purpose, I subjected myself to a bit of FOX News and even a bit of Glen Beck this morning while I was working in the kitchen. I saw video of marchers, a sea of white faces, holding mostly home made signs saying things like FREE AMERICA, DON'T TREAD ON ME, DON'T RAM SOCIALISM DOWN OUR THROATS, TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM/FAITH, and of course OBAMA LIES and YOU LIE! Meanwhile Glen Beck was busy promoting his 9-12 Project. Wording here goes like this: "Remember who we were on September 12th" and "Unite on values and principals that made this country great". As I recall, on Sept. 12th, 2001, we were united in shock and grief, and we had the good will of the world. Now the good will is long gone, and the divisiveness is stronger than ever. Many are responsible for that divisiveness, but those preaching the loudest today can take a lion's share of the credit. As I looked at that sea of faces, I couldn't help but think Willfully Ignorant, Deliberately Misinformed. And I intend to keep my country, thank you very much!


  1. it is confusing and unnerving but it's what make us Americans-free speech but I do think the new president could use all of our support and less judging midterm.

  2. Thanks for this post, Linda. I hadn't heard about this. How totally aggravating. Do we need a protest against the protesters? It seems like they're getting so much press time which makes it seem like a lot of Americans feel like that. I don't know anybody who's ignorant like that. Ummm... well.. actually I do know one person, but he's a hopeful case.

  3. Whatever happened to corporate America's conscience? And why is it that people have become so self-centered that they don't care enough about the people who have no health insurance at all?
    What an uphill battle lies ahead.
    Lord help us all.
    And could the 'arms folded...I'm not listening to you" folk please give the President a affect change.

  4. Amen here too!!

    Deliberately Misinformed--well said! MB

  5. I've known ever since I started reading other's blogs that you and I will disagree about many things. I am surprised that you even stopped by my post.

    That said, I beg to differ about who is misinformed (deliberated or accidentally), but I doubt that one of us will ever be able to change the other's opinion.

  6. Linda, I feel that you take the time to look at other's ideals, and beliefs, and stances. I find you to be an open and inquiring sort of mind, and a uniquely intelligent open hearted soul!

    While there is no perfect political situation, politics exists whenever we have two people together... so, .... we better get used it, and try to think things through I say.

    It's pretty obvious the world got darker after 9 11 and it wasn't just because of the Trade centers, but a reaction that went waaay overboard.

    For any interested folks I'd like to suggest reading Three Cups of Tea. I think this reminds even the most lost soul of the destiny for which they appeared here.


    Peace is a topic that is worthy of discussion.. because what but peace can save us from our fearful aggressions, and primal reactions that will destroy us all? All the greatest man knew...
    Cultivate Peace..


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