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Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun Fotos From Capitol Hill

There's an old saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes we want to look at the big picture, the forest, and sometimes we focus on the details, the trees.
Here are some of the details of our trek on Capitol Hill. Across the street from Cal Anderson Park.
Reflecting in the park.
Rose hips. Rudbeckia - Black-eyed Susans
Water volcano
Asian Art Museum, guarded by camels, or are those dromedaries? Shocking color
The eye of the needle
Attempts at Monet
The conservatory closeups
This blue orchid was undoubtedly rare enough to deserve to be behind bars!
The tropical pitcher plant is a carnivore big enough to devour a mouse!
A newly emerging philodendron leaf just ready to unfurl
Philodendron flower
September Song.
Happy Labor Day. Have some fun!


  1. Absolutely stunning and magnificent photos, Linda! You did capture all the beauty and you did it so very well!!

    It isn't raining here yet, but the clouds have moved in, so I'm sure it's on it's way!

    Have a great Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!


  2. great photo, loved the space needle one and all of them. gave you a closeup look that disclosed much beauty.

  3. This is just the coolest thing, Linda! Gorgeous photos, but the most interesting thing for me was your photo of rosehips! We saw a lot of them in Japan but my mom called them hamanasu. The hamanasu soft serve was our favorite. We didn't know the English name was rosehips. We'd never seen this plant before. Thanks for telling me. I love learning things in blogs.

  4. Excellent shots Linda. I haven't been to Volunteer Park for quite awhile---used to visit all the time. MB

  5. Great shots! I miss it. *sigh*


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