Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Field Trip - To The Cily

If it's Wednesday, it must be excursion day. At least that seems to be when we've done most of our trekking. For today's field trip, we followed up on an add we saw for the Seattle Art Museum. They are hosting a small exhibit of Andrew Wyeth, mostly "Helga" paintings, and on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00 they have a short gallery talk about Wyeth. That was reason enough for us to plan a day around. This morning about 10:00 we drove the one mile distance to the new Link Light Rail station. The only rain in sight was this one giant drop, our 1% for the arts dollars at work. Here comes the train.
Over the tree tops on the elevated sections, through the Capitol Hill tunnel, and there is the city looming ahead.
We got off at Westlake Center, the end of the line for now.
I love this waterfall in the plaza. We headed west to the Public Market.
There are so many interesting shops in this area. Here you could watch cheese making from the sidewalk.
There's our target.
The original Starbucks is a favorite tourist stop. But they only sell coffee and souvenirs, no goodies.
The market flowers were glorious.
And the chili peppers were just as beautiful.
The balcony petunias were still looking good.
There were wonderful displays of vegetables, and vendors were offering up tastes of yummy fruits. The honey crisp apples were like candy.
We stopped at the old Market stalwart, the Athenian, for lunch.
We watched the ferry boats on Elliot Bay as we dined.
Tom had an oyster poorboy and yam fries.
I had the Athenian salad with sliced apple, blue cheese and hazelnuts.
No fish were flying today at Pike Place Fish, at least not when we stopped by.
Then it was time to walk to the museum. Hammering Man guides the way.
I love natural wonders, like mountains and forests, but I also love the canyons and skyline of the city.
Hammering Man apparently had the day off. No hammering.
We enjoyed the Wyeth exhibit, and strolled through some galleries of amazing Native American and African traditional art. After looking through other galleries,we decided we liked old masters better than modern "installation" art.
And then we returned to the market area for a refreshment at one of the older Starbucks in Seattle, just across the street from the market entrance. We enjoyed lattes and goodies as we people watched.
And then the Link took us back home.
With the convenience of the light rail, I'm thinking we are going to see a lot more of downtown Seattle. Today we didn't even make a dent in the exploring available.


  1. there is certainly lots to see and revisit in Seattle. Fun to go along for the trip-would have liked one of those brownies. The peppers were so colorful...

  2. This reminded me so much of our recent trip to Seattle. I loved seeing all your photos. Pikes Market is indeed a great place to visit. I would have loved that oyster poorboy and yam salad. Yuuuummmm.... However, I should have the salad.

  3. I would love to visit Seattle. What a wonderful day you shared with us.

  4. I like the idea of having a day set aside for exploring. There is a lot to see in the Sacramento area but we have visited very little of it in the five years we have been here. I would have liked to see the Wyeth exhibit.

  5. Strange, when David and I discussed visiting Seattle last year, our daughter told us it was boring and we wouldn't like it.

    How wrong she was! Your pics show a different side of Seattle and make me want to visit.

  6. Oh Linda, love the rain drop for 1%..
    I need to go into my city.. I need a city fix!!
    Don't we have a lush city here? I always get so delighted seeing it from I-5, and always say,, My Beautiful City!! The water, boats, all all it holds, so dear to good food and latte's, and flowers, and you saw the Wyeth exhibit. I should go for sure..

    Looks like a day well spent..

  7. Oh Linda what a wonderful tour you took us on. did you see fellow blogger chuck at the Market. He has a stall there and sell his pics.
    While I too am a forest and mountain kinda gal I do like the Seattle sky line. Stanwood is getting an Amtrak stop so I may be riding that to Edmonds or even the BIG city.

    Have you seen the cyclamen at the Arboretum--they cascade down a hill by the rhodies, I think. that is what I am trying for only on a smaller scale. MB

  8. Great post Linda..I felt I was there with you. Lovely fall weather you are having as we are just wet here... Michelle


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