Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gotta' Love This Headline!

It seems that the intelligent conservative GOP insiders (and yes, there are some) are beginning to fear that their fringe has crossed the line into "paranoid fantasy". So says an article in the Seattle Times, attributed to the Los Angeles Times, entitled "GOP frets it's too surly with the fringe on top". Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry! Establishment conservatives have begun to speak out against the influence of those spreading theories such as "the idea that President Obama is not eligible to be president, or that he is a Communist, or that his allies want to set up Nazi-like camps for political opponents". I would be worried too. In fact I am, because there are also those who argue that "the party has no hope of regaining power unless the base, no matter how extreme, remains energized"! As I said, "Deliberately misinformed".


  1. Amen! I read that in this morning's paper. I totally don't know what to think about the Republican party.

    Did you read the one about the Republican elected officals that come from South Carolina? Reads like a report on hate groups. The ones in Washington today are keeping the tradition alive.

    In 1856 SC Rep Preston S. Brooks attacked Mass. Sen. Charles Sumner with his cane. By the time two other congressmen intervened, Brooks had shatttered his cane and left Sumner unconscious and with injuries so severe he was absent from the Senate for three years.

    Will we soon be seeing this kind of behavior again in Washington?

  2. It is a truly scary situation. Every time I read one of these articles I keep asking myself, 'what are these people thinking???' Maybe that's the problem, they're not.

  3. I hate to say it... but it is racist. They don't believe that a black man can do the job.. and it pains me to say that...


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