Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Is All Sewed Up

I hope you will allow me to be a bit self-congratulatory in my first Christmas posting, but I know that my regular followers like to see where my sewing projects end up.
The Christmas tree skirt is there, under the tree, but Santa's abundance has completely covered it.
Tom's cone wreath and my table runner grace the dining table.
Irene found her jumper under the tree early on, and changed out of her pajamas and into the new outfit.
She selected the print tee, and matched the photo Jill had sent me.
She later teamed it up with hot pink tights! Isaac had to be coaxed away from new toys to try on his vest and tee, but once he did, he said "I have to get some jeans!" and scampered off to complete the look.
The kids used the pet pocket pillows as homes for their new Webkinz pets.
I didn't show you this project, because Jill reads my blog, so I kept it a secret. She asked for "fun shopping bags", so I studied a Safeway bag to see how it was constructed, purchased some double faced, pre-quilted fabric on sale at JoAnns, and wah-lah!
She liked them.
Irene will always have time for pretty clothes, but she was already wearing her new jumper when she opened her dress, so
she wore it the next day.
And not to be left out was Tiger, the kitty. I used some scraps and a test sample and put together a little gift for him, too.
I can safely say the Tiger adored his catnip puff!


  1. Linda, these are really evocative pictures. Looks like you hit the mark in the projects you did for your family. I especially like the stoned cat.

  2. They are all wonderful! I love the bag ideas and the catnip puff!

  3. Cute outfits! I'm glad the kids liked them. I wish I had your talent for sewing. I gave my little used sewing machine to older daughter, and whenever there's a need for mending, we take it to a place not far from where we live. They charged $3.90 to mend David's pants last month.

  4. What lovely handmade gifts your family (and their cat) received from you, and obviously they appreciated and enjoyed them. I'm so glad you shared these pictures.

  5. Such fun! And such great gifts! I made all my kids gifts and clothes when they were growing up and it was really fun. I know all of you had a wonderful Christmas!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!


  6. you are truly professional, love the dresses, bags and other gifts. Talented seamstress you are!

  7. You are so talented! And Irene is such a fantastic model, she is amazing in her beautiful new dress. I'm so glad you had such a happy time.

  8. Linda, you know how much I enjoy looking at photos of your family. I thought about you the last 10 days but wasn't in much shape to read blogs. It seems maybe you're going to have photos for us when you return home. I hope so.

  9. Amazing the time and love you and your husband put into everything.. the yard...the holidays...amazing. I see you had a wonderful holiday right down to the cat...Michelle

  10. You were one busy lady. I keep saying I will sew some gifts but never do. I'm a bit better with computer/graphic projects but now that the family histories are done I'll have to think of something else.

  11. Those bags are great! If you ever wanted to, you could easily see them online!

    Irene and Isaac look so pleased with their new clothes. And the kitty looks euphoric!

    Your sewing skills amaze me!

  12. Once again, I am pleading for adoption!!! Haha! Your talents are unbelievable! Merry Christmas, and wishing you safe and on time flights.

  13. I do sew... sort of... so I can really appreciate the time, effort and creativity that went into all your gifts. You are a wonder! I mean it! I so enjoyed seeing how all your projects turned out. You're almost making me want to take out my sewing machine again. I'm saying allllmost.

  14. Incidentally, we can all see how adorable and angelic looking the kids are, but you know what? Jill is gorgeous! She really is!


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