Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decking the Boughs

Yesterday we spent much of the daylight hours outside. Tom finished up the outside lights, except for one set of net lights which he had to return today, since we got a colored set instead of white lights. Then he had to remove and repair two strings from the maple tree with broken wires. We suspect a rodent is chewing on them.
I added some embellishments to the wreath we got at Trader Joe's.
The sun created jewels in the silver snowflake.
I picked greens from the yard and stuffed them into pots on the porch. The soil had finally thawed out.
After lunch we finally got the tulips into the ground. We plant them in gallon size nursery pots and then put them in the ground. After they are through blooming we just pop them out and replace them with dahlias.
The sun doesn't last long these short winter days. So we like to light up the darkness with holiday lights.
After a few more repairs today, I think we have the outside decorated.
Today was another nice day, but I never made it out. We have a busy schedule ahead of us, so today we finished some more decorating inside and cleaned house. I spent the afternoon working on my sewing project for Isaac. It's done, but I'll have to show you that later. We will have an early dinner, and then we're getting dressed up to go to the Seattle Repertory Theater tonight. We're seeing Dancing at Lughnasa, an Irish tale full of Irish music and dancing.
Tomorrow we'll be home for a short time between going out to breakfast and leaving for Whidbey Island. We'll spend Friday night at the cabin, and take in the Christmas Parade and some shopping in Langley before returning home Saturday evening. Sunday we're heading to Gig Harbor for Tide Fest, a large arts and crafts show/bazaar.
I'll catch up with you as I can. Gotta' run.


  1. Sounds like you and Tom are very busy, having fun! Way to go, Linda!

    But, don't all those lights jack up your electric bill? Beautiful, though.

  2. sounds like fun, and your place looks delightful with all the lights and greens...

  3. Everything looks so beautiful, Linda. I wish I lived next door to you. It would be fun to always see what you guys are up to.

  4. The idea of planting bulbs in pots is absolutely INGENIOUS!

    I'm glad you photographed the house with the lights -- Everything looks beautiful and festive.

    Have a great time on the island.

  5. How I wished I had you for a neighbor! What a beautifully decorated house and I so love the greenery in the pots. I love white lights anyways and especially yours. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Linda, the decorations look wonderful. I love the greenery.

    Now, as far as the tulips go, that is an absolutely wonderful idea! I still have about 20 bulbs to plant and had hoped to get them in the ground yesterday. We went for a walk instead. I am going to try that idea next year. Do you plant the dahlias in the pots also? Do you use a special potting mix?

    You always amaze me. I learn much from you.

  7. it looks so welcoming...I love the snowflake that was glistening in the sun.
    Have a good weekend~


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