Thursday, December 16, 2010

Window Shopping Downtown

Wednesday afternoon we continued our Holiday fun with a trip to downtown Seattle. With our shopping done, we were free to roam and window shop. We rode the light rail, which deposited us under Westlake Mall. We entered through Nordstrom, and escalated up the floors to the sky bridge to Pacific Place.
We browsed some shops there, and on the way out we checked out Tiffany windows.
This shop across the mall intrigued us. It is decorated with hundreds of old sewing machines.
We passed up Westlake Center and Macy's and headed down to the Market.
We stopped at Beecher's Cheese, where, yes, we did buy.
The original Starbucks, and no, we didn't have a latte this time.
Victor Steinbrueck Park, which our grandkids call Totem Pole Park.
See the sea food!
We didn't buy here either, but we have already had two crab feeds this season. Nothing better than Dungeness crab! We buy when the price goes down to $3.99, or better, $2.99, which it usually does during December.
The fruits and vegetables are as beautiful as Christmas ornaments.
The Market pig.
And the Market sense of humor.
We had an early dinner at the Athenium at the Market, sea food of course. This was the view. We watched as rain moved in and darkness fell while we enjoyed some chocolate cheese cake and coffee.
Then it was time to hike back up to Westlake, take a look at the lights, and then get the light rail.
Macy's (better known to us as The Bon Marche) star.
We were not headed home. Instead we got off at Pioneer Square and headed to Fuel, a sports bar on Occidental Park, where we were volunteering for a fund raiser.
Several of our Sounders players are from Columbia. One, Fredy Montero, is down there now helping his family and others from his home town who are victims of flooding and mudslides. The Sounders organization teamed up with Mercy Corps to hold a fundraiser for flood victims in Columbia, and members of the supporter groups were asked to volunteer. So we did.
Our job was to manage the raffle and sell tickets.
But we had plenty of time to visit. Here Tom talks with the MC, Matt Gaschk.
And here I ask player James Riley to buy some tickets. He did gladly, of course.
We were at Fuel for about three hours. The fundraiser was a success, and I spent hours in a bar without a beer and without smelling like tobacco smoke. I do love that smoke free law!
The train brought us safely back to our car and home about 9:30.


  1. Linda, It looks as if you had a wonderful time...I love the sewing machines decorating the windows...oh my! and the seafood; YUM!!!

  2. Your new banner is just perfect for the season, and your pictures show an absolutely wonderful time was had by all! thank you for bringing me along, it was wonderful.

    But I would have had a latte at the Starbucks!

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a very nice day. My husband and youngest son are going to down the to Market tomorrow to do who knows what! Boys having fun.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Looks like you did a lot of walking and standing! Something I cannot do, as I am not physically fit. Don't know how I managed in Hong Kong last May, and I hear that Montreal is a walker's paradise. (groan)

    Glad to see all the interesting pictures.

  5. you two certainly keep busy and seem to enjoy your city. using the rail system. thanks for taking us along.

  6. Your post makes me long to see Seattle again. It's been about 15 years since we've been there.

  7. I love Seattle!! Thank you so much for taking me there.

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the ctrab at 2.99. What a nice shopping spree.. Makes me wan to go to Seattle too.

  9. I just loved looking at your photos and thinking "Ooooh fun... we were there. I recognize that place." It brought back such great memories.


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