Friday, December 17, 2010

Cookies and Company Coming

Jill is slowly taking over the traditional cookie baking. We'll do the cut out sugar cookies and the gingerbread with the kids when we arrive in Colorado. After Thanksgiving she said she had some time (amazing, I don't see how!) and would I like to have her bake some of the other cookies. So we emailed her the recipes. That left me with two essential kinds, hazelnut crescents and apricot foldovers, to which I added a third.
Yesterday I finished my baking.
There are sand dabs, or pecan sandies or Russian tea cakes or several other names. I just call them "good"!
Today I finished my last sewing project and put everything away, turning my sewing room back into the guest room. We've just finished the house cleaning.
Tomorrow evening Tom's sister and her partner Ann and our son Jake will gather here for a little Christmas before we all depart to either California or Colorado. Jan and Ann will stay over so that they will be close to the airport. Ann leaves early Sunday morning. Jan leaves on the train Tuesday, and Jake leaves with us on the plane to Denver on Tuesday.
The shopping is all done. We have a bit of wrapping to do, and I suspect Jake will bring things to wrap here tomorrow. We'll have time to do laundry and rest up a bit before we leave.
There is no snow in sight here or in Denver. In fact today the sky is clear and blue. Tom and I are headed out for a short walk.


  1. Oh Linda,
    Those look scrumptious! I love hazelnut cookies as well as the Russian Teacakes...You have been a very busy lady! I'm glad you found time to head out for a walk :)

  2. Great! I am glad you are being so creative during the holidays. Wish I had your energy. Taking care of my 10 month old grandson leaves me pooped! But Maria and Grant are now on winter break, so I'll be able to decorate our tree tomorrow.

  3. Those do look so delicious!! And we did have a beautiful day, didn't we? May be the last one for a while, but I'll take what I can get! Hope have a very Merry, Wonderful Christmas with your family!! Enjoy!


  4. Safe trip and have fun!! Looking forward to the photos.

  5. those cookies look good. I was able to enjoy a brownie today at a party after not having one for 2 years. My diabetes is getting better...what a treat! enjoy your trip and family times.

  6. No snow here. Supposedly a big storm was headed our way for Monday, but then the meteorologists came to their senses and decided the storm will go out to sea far south of Maine. Darn it. I need a White Christmas. The cookies look delicious. I love Russian tea cakes especially. Have a lovely Christmas and safe travels.

  7. I would just simply name each and every one of them 'good'

    I wish I could bake!! I can burn very well ;)

  8. Your cookies are so beautiful Linda. I gain weight just looking at them. Boy, I'd love baking cookies with you!
    If you ever need help, I'm just a phone call away!

  9. Those cookies look scrumptious! The Russian teacakes are my favorite.

    Have a safe trip.

  10. Your cookies are too too scrumptious looking. I just tried making some Rice Krispy cookies and they didn't turn out very crispy on the inside. Cookies are not my specialty. I prefer looking at yours and let my eyes do the tasting.


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