Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Seven Days of Christmas: Christmas Preparation

We arrived at the Denver airport about 2:30 Tuesday after an uneventful flight. Jill and the kids met us, and a little after 3:00 we were on our way to Denver. We had an early dinner at an Appleby's and then headed to the Denver Zoo for Zoo Lights.
We were prepared for the cold, crisp weather with our layers of fleece and jackets. The moon shone brightly through the bare trees.
There were lots of light created animals, and even a few real ones. The real task here was to lot lose your kids in the crowded darkness.
Wednesday we were busy getting ready. There were gingerbread cookies to make.
And in the down time Jake and Isaac played with last year's Legos.
The whole family got into the act with sprinkling the sugar cookies.
Each day I went for a walk in the sunshine, usually with a kid or two, and sometimes Tom. On Wednesday we walked to a nearby park to let the kids play and "get the wiggles out". That afternoon there were naps.
Wednesday evening we began our Star Wars film fest with the first of the original trilogy.
Each evening Tom and I would take the moonlit walk under bright stars back to our motel, three blocks away, to our bedroom and retreat.
Thursday the big kids were going to go skiing, but Jake was still recovering from a sinus infection (and a miserable flight) and Corey was battling a cold, so we all stayed home. There were more walks, more Legos, and the gingerbread cookies to ice.
Both days, we would slip away, one or two at a time, to wrap gifts in the wrapping station Jill had set up in the garage. We had all of our on-line shopping delivered to the Gibson's house, so we had lots to do.
Jake got help from the kids to wrap a few of his.
During the day I also worked on making the Swedish cardamom bread we would have Christmas morning. After braiding half the dough into a wreath, Irene and I made rolls from the rest. She loved the feel of the smooth, soft dough.
Thursday evening we settled in front of the TV for the second in our Star Wars film fest, The Empire Strikes Back.


  1. What fun things to do with your family! I didn't make any cookies this year, but enjoyed eating bags full from loved ones.

  2. A typical Reeder family event. Those kids are going to grow up oozing with tradition and good memories.

  3. how fun...cookies and cardamon rolls, outings and family activities. sounds like a great holiday time for all.

  4. Linda,
    I'm so glad you returned home safely and it looks as if you had a marvelous trip...Good for you! I can't wait to see more photos...

  5. I really respect and love the way your whole family is involved in all your endeavors. One can really tell the younger generation really embraces your traditions. And how smart it is to 1) stay at a motel and 2)be so close by you can walk!

  6. I am having such fun looking through your photos. Linda, you have such an amazing family. I'm rather envious of all the fun projects you do. I guess I'm envious of your energy.


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