Saturday, December 4, 2010

A December Day on the Island

Friday was a surprisingly beautiful day. We left home about 1:00, headed for Whidbey Island. It was a gorgeous day for a ferry boat ride.
At the cabin on Sunlight Beach, Dear Lagoon was smooth and blue.
The garden still had some winter interest.
We went for a short walk on the beach. It felt great to be there.
Then we drove up to Freeland to browse a few shops. We stopped by Bayview Garden Center.
But then I looked up and said "Tom, we've got to get back to the beach. Look!
We stopped at the top of the hill to take a photo. And then stayed on the beach to watch the colors change and finally fade.
This morning, Saturday, I awoke to a frosty wonderland. I wanted to go outside right then, but it was so cold!
By the time I did get out, the sun was already melting the frost wherever it touched, but there were still bejeweled treasures, in the garden,
and on the beach.
Oh, what a day this was going to be!
We were due in Langley for the Christmas parade, but first we took a short walk on the dike along the lagoon.
A hawk watched from high above.
The Great Blue Heron fished for his breakfast.
Peeps poked and probed the sand.
The Olympic Mountains rose above a distant ridge.
And then we were off to Langley. We enjoyed the view from the city plaza, along with Boy and Dog.
From there we could see the North Cascade Mountains in the distance.
We shopped for chocolate candles at the Chocolate Flower Farm shop.
The parade was late, short, and charming, typical "island time". The bag pipers led the way.
There were lots of old cars. People lined the sunny side of the street.
And Santa arrived with the aid of the fire department.
We had lunch, did some more shopping of the kind you can only do in small villages, had coffee and dessert, and then were gone.
We checked out of the cabin and headed home on the 3:30 ferry. It was a lovely 24 hours on the island.


  1. I just love living vicariously through you, Linda. Such gorgeous photos. The frost is so pretty, but it's hard to imagine the cold from where I am.

  2. A feast for the senses!! Looks wonderful!

  3. It was so sunny and cold yesterday, but you're right: the weather was perfect for this time of year. Love your frost pictures!!

  4. So your Santa arrives in a fire truck? Ours arrives by canoe on Waikiki Beach. lol

    Loved your pretty pictures, as usual, Linda.

  5. great photos, thanks for taking us along on a cool short vacation this time of year and a parade!

  6. All of the photos are fantastic but my favorites are the morning sky filled with a painter's pallette :)
    thanks for taking us along on your trip!

  7. Gee, this must have been a lovely 24 hours. Lucky you, to be able to go to a cabin on the island. You took several amazing photos, as usual. Thank you for taking us along!

  8. Linda, looks like a lovely place to just get away. I miss the ocean and island life, and envy you your walk on the beach. Everything looked sugarcoated when you got up the next morning. So pretty. Thanks for sharing such a lovely day.

  9. Oh, I wish I had been there! Beautiful weather and a small town parade, a perfect 24 hours.

  10. I've said this before so forgive me. You live in paradise!!

    I think you've got another prize winner -- that photo of the frosted gull/killdeer prints is amazing!


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