Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Soccer Match

Last night we joined the throngs of fans attending the "friendly" match between the Seattle Sounders and visiting Manchester United.  The Sounders have a lot of fans here, but Man U has millions of fans all over the world. 

We met up with Jake at Occidental Park, ready for the march to the match.

At the stadium we listened to the band play as ticket holders jammed the gates.
The sky was almost blue and it was about 70, perfect for a soccer match.
 The Emerald city supporters, of which Jake is a member, were ready to go.  See that big, striped flag?  I spent Tuesday afternoon putting a new pole sleeve on it.  I now claim some ownership.
 Jake is waving the other big flag.
 Opening ceremonies.
The official attendance was 67,052.  that's a lot of soccer fans.

 I had my small binoculars and found Jake in the middle of the ECS section.  We sit on the other end of the stadium.  Jake in the guy with sunglasses in the middle of the photo.
 The first half of the match was great, and our starters held Man U to one goal and a half time score of 0-1.  But in the second half, our coach put in all of the bench players, wanting to give everyone a chance to play against one of the best teams in the world.  Meanwhile Man U put in their best, most famous scorer.  It was a miserable mistake, and the final score was an embarrassing 0-7.  The red clad Man U fans loved it.

We took our time leaving because the streets and sidewalks and trains were packed.  We listened to the band and people watched.
Finally we headed off into the city to catch the light rail a bit further up the line so we could get a seat.
We'll have to wait now for another home match.  the next one isn't until August 13th. 
But it's just as well.  Jill and Corey and the kids arrive tonight for a two and a half week stay.  We'll be busy with other things.


  1. we're in redmond, washington and heard about all the soccer fans in!

  2. These photos are incredible, Linda. You should go into photo journalism. It's more than your new camera. You have a fantastic eye for capturing the moment and getting just the right angle.

  3. I have to agree with Kay. You are becoming very proficient (like you weren't before), and I am enjoying your pictures very much. More fun with the grands, and that means more pictures for ME! :-)

  4. I thought briefly about going to this game - Man U was my son's favorite team during the 15 years he played soccer. But I figured you'd be there and post the pictures. Not quite as good, but good enough!

  5. Great photos Linda!! And coverage of a cool event!!

  6. The spirit of all those fans -- you all included -- is amazing!


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