Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Quiet 4th

We had a fairly quiet day yesterday for the 4th of July. 

In the morning we took a long walk on the Des Moines Creek Trail. It was lovely in the leafy shade.
It is under the flight path for SeaTac International airport, so the quiet is punctuated with the noise of aircraft, some higher,

 some lower.
 But otherwise the sounds you hear are the babbling brook and bird songs.
 It's a lovely green belt in the ravine formed by the creek.
But we do owe the trail to the fact that it covers the main trunk line to the sewage treatment plant.  It's a great example of multi-purpose.
 The creek ends where it empties into Puget Sound at the Des Moines marina.

 The Olympic Mountains make a wonderful backdrop to the view.
I had to wait until I solved another computer glitch before I could bring you these photos.  It seems I have completely worn out the card reader in my CPU.  It was giving we some trouble, but yesterday it wouldn't read my camera cards at all.

This morning I was off the Best Buy to check with the Geek Squad about what to do, have it repaired, or buy a card reader.  As I expected, the best bet was to buy an external card reader, for under $30.
So now I am back in business!

Oh, and we did have a quiet afternoon on the patio yesterday, then grilled some steaks, then watched the Sounders and the LA Galaxy play to a hard fought 0-0 tie.  We watched the Seattle fireworks on TV, which seems kind of lame, but the traffic wasn't a problem. :-)

Considering that all of the local municipalities have banned fireworks, it was very noisy well past midnight around here, with things exploding in every direction.

This morning I went for a walk in the local park.  What a mess!  Remains of fireworks everywhere.  I don't mind if people have fun, but why can't they pick up after themselves?

And why pass ordinances if you don't intend to enforce them?


  1. I like how you spend your free time, Linda. How pleasant and beautiful that walk was! Take care, now, don't over-do it.

  2. we had a quiet fourth too. are coming to visit some of our kids in Seattle in a few weeks. I have a babbling Brook a son who lives there...lol!

  3. Looks like a very nice $th.

    Whoa, mama that one plane is low!!!

  4. Yikes! Yes that one plane was especially low. And here it is Tuesday evening, and I STILL hear firecrackers exploding outside. It was supposed to be all over by now!! What a nice day you had.

  5. What a beautiful walk, Linda. I love your photos. Hawaii has instituted a ban on most fireworks so our holiday was MUCH quieter. Yae! What a wonderful difference. I hope it's the same way at New Years!

  6. What a nice walk and right in the city!

    We DIDN'T have a very quiet 4th of July! I think fireworks are highly overrated. The noise went on and on and on and I have been picking debris from the fireworks out of the lake ever since. :(

  7. I like fireworks, but the crowds keep me away lately. Really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your walk.

  8. AMEN on the passing of ordinances and not enforcing them...it's 'illegal' to shoot off fireworks so why do they sell them in stores? I never understood that. However, it really bothers Hurricane and he hides under the desk; poor baby!
    I pray all is quiet now...

  9. Our fourth was quiet too, resting up after our granddaughter's wedding on the 2nd. She now lives in Tacoma, so Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains will be part of her world too. The photos of your walk are lovely, Linda. Beautiful place!


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