Sunday, July 24, 2011


We all converged at the cabin on Whidbey Island yesterday.

Jill and Corey and the kids headed out first in the van, with plans to stay overnight.  We followed a bit later, with plans to tour some gardens and then meet up for some shared afternoon, evening time.  

Sister-in-law Jan came from Gig Harbor, bringing her and Tom's niece Julie, and Julie's two kids, Brian and Sarah, who are visiting from San Jose, CA.

Jake headed up in the afternoon after coaching a soccer clinic.
We all came on the ferry.  It was a beautiful day and the wait in the ferry line was long, so no one arrived before noon.
Adults converged on the beach to catch up.

When we arrived we found Irene and Sarah fully bonded in their girly-girl mode.  They are second cousins, but if they've ever met, it was as infants.
And Isaac and Brian were also thoroughly enjoying each others company, being boyish boys.  They marked out a soccer pitch in the sand and were playing soccer when we arrived.
 Of course this kids are moving targets, so they're a bit hard to capture in photos, although the girls are willing to 'pose'.  I'm sure they'll have Jake rebuilding the fort by this morning.
Jill and Julie's second cousin Mike, who was already at the beach, offered boat rides.

Julie grew up in Los Altos and Jill is a Seattle girl who now lives in Colorado, so they have never had much time together, but they have a strong bond nonetheless.

And now the kids are getting the opportunity to bond as well, at the place that is at the heart of the Reeder clan, Whidbey Island.
Update:  Corey just sent me this photo via email and his smart phone.  I love technology!


  1. Cousins, forever! Beautiful pics, Linda.

  2. there is nothing like a waterfront family place to build memories! Yours is great!

  3. Honestly, you are the busiest woman!

    Looks like a beautiful family day on Whidbey.

  4. It does look like a great family get-together.

  5. That last photo needs to be enlarged and framed. It's gorgeous! Your flowers are amazing. How glorious for the family to be together and just enjoying themselves, getting reacquainted. The action shots are fabulous!!!

  6. The flowers are in a neighbor's yard. I just love taking photos of them against the bay.
    Corey took the last photo, using his Nikon and a tripod.
    Glad you enjoy them.

  7. Your blog is one of my favorites, and sometimes I feel like I KNOW these people, from your pictures. I love seeing your environment and your beautiful relatives...

  8. we had lots of cousin bonding and enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend in seattle. we're now in kennewick washington on our way home.

  9. This looks like an ideal family hangout. Lucky you and the gang.

  10. Great family photos Linda, especially the last one. Loved the ones of the ferry too as that was one of my most favorite things to do when we vacationed in the Seattle area last year, and on previous trips.

  11. What great weather you had for your family reunion. Great for cousins to get to know one another.
    I hope the weather is that nice for Labor Day when our son and DIL plan to vacation on Camano while we watch Michael.


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