Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fun Day

It's hedge pruning time in the garden, and we've been working hard, so it was time for a day off.

Langley, on Whidbey Island, has an annual arts fair called Choochokam.   It has been tens of years since we attended, the timing being never quite right.  This year I put it on my calendar well in advance, and even though the cabin is rented out, we traveled to the island, just for a day trip.

It was a gorgeous day,  This is the view from over the marina toward the North Cascades.
First street was lined with artist stalls.

 There were lots of people in town, enjoying the shopping and the views.
 Me too.

We found some ideas for some projects we could try, like these skirts made out of vintage table cloths
 And for Tom, this drift wood bird feeder.
 We listened to fun music by Million Dollar Nile.
The blown glass is beautiful but very pricey.  We'll stick with our recycled glass creations.
 I did buy a tee shirt from an artisan I like.
We lunched at Useless Bay Coffee Company.  Well, Tom did.  I sneaked in my yogurt and apple.  I'm really trying to lose a few more pounds before my family returns for another visit.  But I did enjoy a 'skinny' latte.

We finished up the art fair and then stopped by Bayview Garden Center, a favorite nursery near our cabin, before heading for the ferry.  There I picked out an early birthday present.
I've been wanting a rooster to grace my vegetable patch.  I found this guy, which was just what I was looking for.  He's already installed in the garden, with a little embellishment I found in Irene's stash of dress up accessories in the playhouse.

We got home a little after five, stowed our stuff away, and then went to eat at the local Red Robin.  I was planning to have a salad, but with my the Red Robin Rewards program, I was entitled to a free 'birthday burger' this month.  It was not exchangeable for a salad, so, too bad, I had to have a burger.  Yum!  And just to be good, I only ate a few of the fries and about 3/4 of the burger.  But it was hard leaving it on the plate.  I had to cover it with a napkin while Tom finished his salad.

We were back home by 7:00, so we decided to get the lawn mowed.  I needed exercise after that burger, so instead of raking up the debris on the lawn first, I went ahead with the rotary mower, and them Tom followed me with the fancy, self-propelled reel mower, which I refuse to 'drive'.  I hadn't mowed the lawn in a long time, and it was actually fun.  We puttered about doing as few more things outside before I came in to download my pics from today.

Now I'll hit "publish" and then go catch up with the last part of today's Tour de France, which I recorded before we left this morning.

It was a fun day.


  1. You two go on the most interesting outings!

  2. The weather has been gorgeous, hasn't it? I do love Whidbey and your photos are absolutely gorgeous, Linda! Next best thing to being there! Glad you got to have such a great day, does look like fun! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  3. What a nice day Aunt Linda! Reading your blog from Kauai! Tell Uncle Tom his Cali Niece would LOVE a Sunlight Beach driftwood birdhouse someday. ;)

  4. What an amazing day you've both had. You really look like you've lost a lot of weight already, Linda! Congratulations! I haven't been to an art fair in such a long time. I loved seeing yours. That t-shirt is just so adorable and perfect for you! I can't get over the energy you both have. Wow!

  5. Yes, it sounds like a fun day. Congrats on finding that rooster statue. It looks cute in your garden. You have trimmed down and look great!

  6. Glad you enjoyed your outing. Thanks for taking us with you - Dave

  7. Your day certainly was gorgeous, Linda... both the outing and weather! Loved the photo of the clouds over the mountains and the garden tee shirt and rooster you purchased. So many nice tresures to choose from.

  8. The rooster is much better looking with that great embellishment! Love the pictures, your day looks to have been just about perfect. I am loving this weather, too.

  9. it sounds fun and gorgeous you rent your beach home out? Would love to know more about prices, etc.

  10. the seating area by the water looks so inviting!
    and you look fantastic! really
    keep on girl ;)

    I love the way you said "and then YOU TURNED" in your comment on my last post
    I thought a lot about it and wondered if I was getting too cynical in my old age
    I adore Jeter but I am tired of the rich in this country and I think that's where it came from

    anyway - happy sunday skinny :)

  11. I love craft fairs, but I am out of my "craft vaccine" so Ron won't let me go to any more for awhile. :)
    It was a lovely day - hard to be any place else when it is nice around here!

  12. You two know how to pack so much fun into a day. I'd have loved the arts fair, for sure.

  13. You are looking quite svelte. Your determination has paid off. Congratulations.

    I love the rooster with a necklace. Nice choice for an early birthday present.

  14. love the new rooster!

    What a perfect day for the fair.

  15. Bet it felt nice to be back on "the Rock." I think festivals are one of the best things about summer!

  16. I always love these type of craft shows. You got some great finds and ideas there. Loved your rooster with the pretty necklace. Thanks for taking us along through these lovely photographs, and also thanks for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday. You don't have long to go now for yours.


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