Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden Touring

We belong to a gardening organization called The Northwest Perennial Alliance.  One of the benefits of this organization is the Open Gardens program.
Each spring we receive our copy of the 'Yellow Book', listing all of the members gardens that are open each weekend.

We have opened our garden most years for one Saturday, but this year we didn't participate.

Today there were five gardens open in north Seattle.  We spent much of this sunny day touring them.
The first garden belongs to a expert plantswoman.  Here we see wonderful plant combinations with a wonderful variety of foliage color and texture.

The next garden belongs to a woman I will call the Mosaic lady.  Her emphasis is more on art in the garden than in the plants.

She does have some lovely plant combinations though, too.
Third on the tour is a garden that belongs to a garden designer.  This garden has changed quite dramatically from just last year.  Here the emphasis is on hardscape, pots and seating areas, but she knows her plants too.

Then there is the lady who just loves to garden.  Hers is much more simple, and without the financial investment, but still a labor of love.

Finally we get to the garden of  a woman who just wants it all - wonderful plants, good art, and amazing color and form.

The view of the pond area from the deck.
One example of the color and texture in pots.
She's into glass art in the garden too.

We got home about 3:00, after which I spent some time sitting on my own patio, enjoying a summer afternoon in my own garden.


  1. Wow! Those are all very impressive gardens, Linda... BUT I still can't help but be partial to yours. Too bad you didn't show yours off too. Everybody would have loved it.

  2. Thank you for the lovely moments touring the various beautiful gardens this morning, Linda. They lifted my melancholy spirits. My grannddaughter's wedding was yesterday and tomorrow she will be moving near Seattle...soooo far away.

  3. Just gorgeous gardens and quite a variety-so lush!

  4. They are all beautiful gardens and I'm glad I got to visit them through your eyes. Oh, and BTW I meant to say I think you have another winner in the Circles contest. It's perfect!!

  5. And your readers benefit from your photos. Wonderful gardens. I really like those flower sculptures made from dishes...very clever.

  6. I just wish I had a green thumb!

  7. Nice garden shots Linda. Those garden ornaments go quite well with the gardens don't they? - Dave

  8. A lot of fun to walk through these gardens with you Linda, thanks for the great tour. Happy 4th of July!

  9. I always look forward to the garden tours you take us on. They are inspiring and make me want to get out in the yard. Then I look at the thermometer, 105. I think I'll wait until early tomorrow morning.

  10. Love these garden tours!! The art, the plants, EVERYTHING!


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