Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Monday it was a visit to Group Health Central for an echo-cardiogram.

Tuesday morning I had a haircut appointment.  I was getting pretty shaggy. It's good to be all trimmed up.

Today we went to a tax accountant with our paper work, to have our taxes done.  I usually do our taxes.  They are pretty straight forward.  With no debt, we also have too few deductions to itemize, so we can file a short form.  Last year for the first time I filed on line.

But this year I wanted to be sure there were no errors in reporting the money I have received from my mother's estate.   There were pre-tax investments for which I received 1099 forms, and on which I have to pay taxes.  Next week we'll go back, look over the forms and sign them, and then send in the check for taxes owed.  I don't have to spend hours going through the on-line process myself this year.

Sometimes it's nice to pay for services.

When we got back, I had an e-mail from my doctor with the echo results.  There was "a small amount of progression".  I guess that's good news and bad news.  I had hoped it wasn't progressive, but it is.  Just not very fast.  So I'll continue to live a healthy life style, and monitor again in two years.

On a totally unrelated topic, I watched some of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on TV the last two evenings.  I like doggy dogs: sporting dogs, working dogs, real dogs.

So the winner is that pushed-in faced, dust mop of a "dog", that Pekingese?  Really?

Josy's not impressed either.


  1. I had missed your post about your upcoming echo cardiogram. I'm glad to hear that they are too worried about the heart problem at this point. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and remain vigilant. What else can we really do?

  2. A check back in two years sounds like pretty a pretty good sign.
    I have to kind of agree with you about the dogs, although lately the small dogs are kind of growing on me. I still want them to look like dogs though, not mutant beings.

  3. As always, David will use TurboTax for our taxes this year. We have 2 tax credits to take into account.

    Glad the echocardio was not more serious. Hang in there!

  4. lilfe is full of little and big challenges...

  5. I think if you keep the weight off and check back in two more years, he'll be pleased with the results. We stress our bodies so much more when we weigh more, just carrying around the extra poundage. I gained two pounds in the last two weeks and am now working to get some semblance of balance back in my life.

    Losing or gaining is the easy part: it seems maintenance is the hardest one of all! We got our taxes done yesterday... glad to have it behind us. :-)

  6. We send our taxes out to an accountant to do ours because it's a bit complex and we don't want to screw it up. We are always into body maintenance over here too. I'm glad to know your echo was OK.

  7. Glad you health is pretty good Linda. Take care huh?- Dave

  8. We're in that same tax situation. We have very few deductions also so we used the short form last year. I just bought Turbo Tax at Costco to start on this year's forms.

    Glad your test was good news. Checking in in two years sounds very positive. Heck, I was pleased when I went from every three months to every six!

  9. I like the dog show too and I have never owned a dog..


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