Monday, February 13, 2012


I had an echo-cardiogram today.  

Two years ago my doctor noticed a heart murmur.  This was not news to me, since I had one as a child, but this was a new doctor, and she decided  I should have it checked out.  The resultant finding was that I had minor aortic valve stenosis - narrowing of the valve. 

Well, that wasn't good news, but since it was not yet problematic, I was to monitor it by repeating the echo every two years.  I don't have today's report yet, and of course I'm hoping that there has been no change, that it is not progressive.  

But this is heart month, right.  So it's a good time to think about heart health.  Having lost 50 pounds in the last year is a step in the right direction for me.  

And tomorrow is Valentine's Day, a day for hearts!  I'm cooking dinner for Jill and the kids tomorrow, and I finally got to use the heart shaped cake pans I've had sitting in the cupboard unused for a long time now.

 That is not exactly heart healthy, and it may mess with the weight loss a bit, but Hey! it's Valentines Day.  And yes, it is chocolate, with cream cheese frosting. 

I'll be sending the left overs home with the kids, or put a chunk in the freezer.  There is a limit to how much I'm allowed to consume.

                            Wishing you warm feelings of love and friendship,

                                                          and healthy hearts.
                                HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


  1. Losing weight has to take the pressure off your heart valve. Hope the report shows improvement, not just stability!

  2. congrats on losing 50 pounds that's a major accomplishment which is bound to help our your heart situation! Happy Valentines to you and yours...

  3. 50 pounds??? WOW! That is totally fabulous! I'm so proud for you. Happy Valentines Day! That cake looks really amazingly delicious! I LOVE chocolate!

    You and I are definitely sisters of the heart. I also have that pesky murmur.... so does my husband and both kids. It's called a functional murmur, but always makes the doctors crazy.

  4. I used to have a functional heart murmur, which was due to stress during my twenties. Now, at 66, I don't have one. Hope you get good news soon. I love chocolate cake and will make one soon.

  5. I knew you had lost more than thirty, but I didn't realize you kept on going down to fifty pounds off! That is really amazing, Linda, and it should have helped.

    I told someone who has plantar's facitis about how losing weight helped you, and hopefully he will take it to heart. As you know, it's getting started that is the hardest part of weight loss. I've kept off the 18 pounds I lost last year but worry it will start to creep back on since I'm no longer counting calories.

    Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! :-)


    Your post is lovely and I enjoyed your tour of the garden show. Hope the test results are good ones!

  7. I love the header! The colors are just beautiful. Are these in a container in your garden now?

    I love to bake, too, and have started baking all I want and giving it away!

  8. the cake is a work of art!

    Happy Valentine
    I'm hoping for a good report from the dr. for you

  9. Best wishes for your heart condition Linda. Aorta problems can be very serious (I also had a problem there). Hope your Valentines day went well - Dave.


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