Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tying Up Lose Ends.

I got some finishing up done the last few days.

We got Jill and Corey's truck load of stuff unloaded and moved into various places.  Most went to the storage unit, which had to be completely reorganized first.  We were fortunate that most of the rain held off yesterday morning, and we were able to protect stuff with tarps as we shuffled things around.

Some fragile things came home with us, along with some toys the kids can play with when they stay here.  We then left the reorganizing of their little rental house to them and came home.  Jill and the kids have today off from school, for their short mid-winter break.  They should be all settled by this evening.  

I also finished up the batch of doll clothes I was making, and tucked them away to await Irene's birthday in April.  Then I did some repairs on two giant soccer flags for Jake.  I mended some seams and put a new pole sleeve on one.

 Soccer season begins again the first week in March.  We've gotta' be ready!

This morning we returned to the ax account to sign our forms and pay the bill.  Because of my inheritance from my mother's estate, I will have to send the IRS a check this year.  I like it better when they send me a check.

I'll be setting the sewing aside now for a while and get back to trip planning, so we can get plane reservations made well ahead of time.

We are attending a family wedding near Boston June 2nd, and we are using that occasion to do some traveling in the area.  We're looking at western Massachusetts, Vermont, and upstate New York.  I've accumulated the necessary travel books and maps to plan our road trips.
The weather is cold, dark, damp, and dreary, the very definition of dismal.  Indoor projects are still in order.  It looks like I'll have to do my exercising indoors too.  This is the time of year when North-westerners begin to get weary of the weather, hoping for a fair day, but knowing the chances aren't good until we get through March.

Note:  I removed the word verification from the comments.  I hope this makes it easier to post.  I am getting some strange spam comments, mostly in broken English, from posts dated long ago.  Strange.  I hope I don't have to put the verification back on.


  1. I've also removed word verification and am hoping I don't have to put it back on. That was a major blunder on the part of Blogger. They need to go back to the drawing board on that one.

    Glad to hear the move is complete, or at least until the kids can afford a bigger house. That move should be much easier.

    I'll enjoy watching your family through soccer season. I'm clueless about soccer but watching your family's excitement will be fun.

  2. I hate word verification. WordPress does not have it so why should Blogspot? Anyway, I am glad your family has settled down and can face the future in ease and comfort. What a relief that both have jobs now. Good luck to them!

  3. I got around the word verification by moderating comments older than two weeks. Then it shows up in my mailbox and I just delete it. The spam filter on Blogger is excellent. It hardly ever makes a mistake.

  4. I got some weird comments too but lost them when I eliminated anonymous on the settings page. Sounds like the family is settling in...and out of the snow that is hitting the denver area.

  5. Sometimes the Word Verification is a necessary evil. Although Blogspot does remove most of the Spam from our blog, it does come through to our mailboxes which are darn irritating. Don't a lot of those spams look like they're Russian?

  6. you have good advice from the other comments - put moderation on older posts and allow only registered users to comment

    I love how into soccer you are as a family :)

    hope the weather gets better soon
    it's spring here today, this winter has been so odd

  7. Thank you for removing that.. I had a hard time reading those letters.. You have things done for April already..You are very organized..


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